31 May 2012

Such a lotta samples

As with many other bloggers, I have a rather large stash of samples waiting to be used or reviewed. Most of them I have acquired thanks to the beauty box phenomenon that has been going on, others I have actively sought out and some were just given to me either with a purchase or from people I know. I find it difficult to try everything, especially when it comes to skincare, because there is always a risk that something won't work for you and you'll have a bad reaction to it - which is definitely something I want to try and avoid. I don't have overly sensitive skin so I don't worry too much about trying things out here and there, but on the whole, I am happy with my skincare routine and try and avoid changing it up too much. 

However, it is a bit of a double edged sword because there's always that little niggle that says 'Your skin could be even better if you use this or that product!' and there are so many hyped up products that claim to work miracles for other people, so I often feel like I want to try it just to see if it really is that good. It's a tricky situation, wouldn't you agree?! I do like having a little box full of exciting new things to experiment with if I'm feeling in such a mood, but to be honest, with a lot of things that claim to work miracles, I often don't see much of a result. For example, the Caudalie Vinosource Serum (received in a Glossybox) did absolutely nothing that I could put my finger on. Bearing in mind I don't have dry skin maybe this product would have worked well for other people, but I've kind of lost interest in trying a lot of things because I'm sceptical about their effectiveness. I think I am probably the sort of person who expects a little too much from products sometimes, I mean you're not going to see dramatic results overnight with most things, and I think I might be a bit impatient, but when you're getting so-called 'luxury' samples each month, I would expect them to do something. 

I don't really know what the point of this post was, I just felt like having a bit of a chat and I am pretty sure that if I persevered with some of the samples I did have then I would be pleasantly surprised. The thing is, with something like my Clarins cleansing gel (yes, I'm mentioning it YET again!) I actually did notice a difference in my skin after pretty much the first use, so with products such as serums or toners, which are supposedly far more concentrated or astringent (in a good way) then I would expect to see something happening, but for the most part, I just don't. Anyway, this honestly wasn't meant to turn into a rant or to undermine the usefulness of samples because I do love getting them and trying them, I guess I just haven't had much success with a lot of the ones I've got, probably because they just weren't aimed at my skin type. So yes, there we go, a bit of a random post for today! I really hope you're all doing well and I looking forward to speaking again! Bye bye! 

30 May 2012

Fit for a Queen

What with the Jubilee happening this weekend, and good old Blighty getting ready for a year to remember, I thought I would do a little post featuring some of the most fabulous bits and pieces featuring patriotic symbols and British brands. You could always channel a bit of the Ollie Locke look (if you don't know who he is you should watch Made In Chelsea, it's so hilarious!) and wear the Union Jack from head to toe, but if you're looking for something a bit more understated then take a look below! 

1. MOTO @ Topshop Union Jack Shorts £34
2. Liz Earle Great British Award Winners Kit £37
3. Yves Saint Laurent Swarovski Union Jack Eye Palette £69
4. Nail's Inc Best of British Collection £22
5. Nail's Inc Jubilee Crystal Colour £15
6. Cath Kidston iPhone Case £24.95
7. Cambridge Satchel @ ASOS £100
8. Next Floral Sleeveless Shirt Dress £45, for a gorgeous, pretty and colour-matched frock!

I hope you like the picks! I really want that Cath Kidston iPhone case and the Liz Earle collection, they have been added to my never ending list of things I really shouldn't buy. The YSL eyeshadow palette is not even making it onto the list because there is no way I can justify £69 but it is just so pretty and so in keeping with the theme that I just couldn't leave it out - a girl can dream! I don't actually have many plans for the weekend, I'm at work on the Saturday and possibly Monday (can't actually remember. No just checked, not at work on Monday, woo!) but I'm sure some sort of festivities will be taking place at some point! Have you got any plans for the weekend, I'd love to hear them and live vicariously through you ;) That's all for now, speak again soon and bye bye! 

29 May 2012

Oh how I love thee!

Good morning! If you've been reading my blog for a while you may be aware that I have a slight love affair with Clarins. I don't know if I'm the only one but do you ever feel like there are certain brands out there that you just feel are right for you? Well that's how I feel about Clarins, I just love everything about this brand. I don't know if its because it's a French brand, and anyone who knows me knows that I have an, as yet unfulfilled, desire to live in France, specifically Paris or whether its just because every experience I have had of their products has been a darn good one. So, on that note, I went to my local Clarins counter last week to re-purchase my cleanser and moisturiser and was rather excited to see that there was a special offer on. On purchasing two full size products you could receive three (very generous) travel sized samples of products to try. There was a choice of ten and the lovely lady at the counter talked me through each one and I am here to show you my choices! And boy am I pleased! 

First just (another) quick rave about the cleanser and moisturiser I use, because I love them so very much! I've been using them for about a year now and have not looked back. I use the Daily Energizer range, which is specifically aimed at 18-25 year olds, and I feel has seriously improved the overall appearance of my skin and significantly reduced the amount of breakouts I get. I use the cleansing gel which claims to 'deliver fresh-looking complexion radiance' and the Cream-Gel moisturiser (there's a choice of this one and just the cream version for drier skins) which claims to 'visibly diminish imperfections to provide...a healthy looking radiant complexion'. I honestly could not recommend them enough, but obviously everyone's skin is different so what works for me might not work for you! 

Now, onto the exciting little freebies I got. First off I chose another cleanser (the Gentle Foaming Cleanser) which, with hindsight probably wasn't the best choice seeing as that was what I was buying anyway. But that's neither here nor there, I haven't actually used this yet because I just can't stop using my daily energizer one, but when that runs out I will definitely be giving it a go and I'll let you know how it goes. I am a bit dubious because I've used a foaming cleanser from Clinique before and absolutely hated it! Seriously, I don't know if any of you have used it, it's called the Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser and it leaves the weirdest feeling on your skin which I can't even explain, it just feels kind of sticky but not tacky. It's really strange (and really stung my eyes)! Anyway, here's hoping this one is better! 

Next up is this absolute beaut! I probably wouldn't have gone for a bath or shower type of product as my freebie in the beginning because I already have far too many samples to use up, but after I smelt this at the counter there was no looking back! This smells absolutely incredible! Now, I will warn you, this scent is not for the faint hearted. If you are not one for a strong fragrance or if you like your fragrances very girly and sweet then this is not for you! Seriously, this product packs a heady punch. It's got a herbal, aromatic scent with essential oils to relax tired muscles and can be used in the bath or shower. It hasn't got a thick lather, it's lightweight and I actually find it quite refreshing to use in the shower. I've not poured it into a nice warm bath yet but I can imagine that breathing in the scent of this before bed would send me to sleep pretty quickly! Absolutely love it and would recommend it for anyone who loves a bit of an assault on the nostrils now and again! 

And finally, I chose the fragrance 'Eau des Jardins'. And let me tell you, I am in love. This is everything I have been looking for in a summer scent, and so much more! It is absolutely beautiful and not only is it a gorgeous smell, it is also described as a treatment fragrance which 'moisturises, soothes and ensures beautifully soft skin'. The lady at the counter said to gently press it into your skin when you apply it  to ensure the fragrance lasts longer as well as making sure the benefits, such as the essential oils and plant extracts, really get into your skin and work their magic. The only thing I would prefer from this was that the travel size came with a spray applicator, because I'm just lazy and it's harder to dab it on from the bottle! But apart from that I cannot complain, it is the most gorgeous fragrance and a happy addition to my collection. I think the lady said that the freebies would total up to something like £61 so I was pretty darn cheery when I walked away with my bag full of goodies! 

So that's all for today folks, I hope you don't mind me ranting on about Clarins all hours of the day! Do you have a favourite brand that you love for reasons unfathomable to others? If so, let me know and I hope you're al having a great day and enjoying the sunshine (or what's left of it anyway). I'll be back tomorrow with another post, I'm having a writing day today to try and get back on track and will definitely be putting some more nail posts up soon. Speak soon and au revoir! 

23 May 2012

Disappointing Product #1

Good morning everyone, are you all enjoying this gorgeous sunshine that we're having? I hope so and I hope you're managing to get outside and savour a bit of it! This post is about, clearly from the title, a product that I was left a bit disappointed by. I don't know if I'll make it into a little series because, to be honest, not that many products disappoint me - I'm quite easily pleased. But I thought I'd number it just in case! So this first product is Umberto Giannini's 'Backcomb in a Bottle'. I've heard a bit about it but the main reason I picked it up was because on this particular day my hair was feeling very lacklustre and I was in town before I started work so thought I'd pick up a travel size and see how it went. And to be honest it was very blah. I don't really know what I was expecting but this product just didn't do anything for my hair except make it feel dirty and a bit horrible.

Now my hair, on the whole, does what I want it to and I can usually get the required amount of volume just using some sort of product before I blow dry, but on days when I want a bit more, I thought this would be the ticket. But no matter what I did (giving it a "jujj" as it says on the bottle) it just didn't really do anything. I have to say I much prefer to use a dry shampoo as opposed to this. I know dry shampoo can also make your hair feel a bit gross sometimes but I actually find that it gives me more volume and, as a bonus, soaks up a bit of the grease if you're a day or so after your last wash. However, this is where another of Umberto Giannini's products really sings. I've tried their dry shampoo and I absolutely love it. It claims not to leave any white powder in your hair or leave you looking grey and it definitely doesn't in my hair. It smells fantastic and I find it to be a lot less heavy and obvious-feeling than something like Batiste. So whilst I wouldn't recommend the Backcomb in a Bottle, I would really strongly recommend giving their dry shampoo a go if you're looking to buy one. I actually need to repurchase this because I have run out of all forms of dry shampoo whic is not good on those mornings when you're either in a rush or just can't be bothered.

So there we go, I hope this was helpful and I know a lot of people love this product so don't just take me word for it, it just didn't really work for me. I hope you're all having a great day and I'm sorry my posts aren't as regular as I would like at the moment, I will get back on it properly and have some good things lined up! Speak soon , byeeee! 

18 May 2012

NYR: Book 7

Good morning lovlies! So, you may or may not know that one of my new years resolutions was to read 30 books this year and I have to admit I have been majorly slacking. It may not sound like a great amount but it works out as 2 and a half books a month which, combined with working, blogging and general living, can be hard to fit in. I had a spurt when I was reading The Hunger Games and managed to get through them in about a week and a half but since then I have just lost all reading motivation. However, I have managed to get back into it and, once again I started a book (Wildflower, review WILL come soon!) but then got distracted by a much easier read and am happy to say I finished it within about six days. The book in question is Jo Nesbo's 'Headhunters' which I am reliably informed has been made into a feature film. The general storyline of the book features a man called Roger Brown who is a headhunter and an art thief on the side. He is introduced to someone he believes will be the perfect candidate for a postition he has lined up, however, things start to take a turn for the worst when he finds out this candidate is in possesion of one of the most sought after paintings in the world. Everything gets a bit messed up (great descriptions going on here) and there are some good twists and turns to keep it interesting. It's a definite page turner and I'd recommend it for an easy, yet interesting read. As a bonus, the proceeds from the book and the film go to the Harry Hole Foundation which is a charity set up to 'reduce illiteracy among children in the third world'. So even if you don't enjoy it you're still doing some good! 

I must crack on and read some more now. I wish blog posts counted towards my goal of 30 because I can safely say that if they did I would have far surpassed this a long time ago! Ah well, I put myself in this situation and I will not fail! Are you reading any interesting books at the moment? I've been recommended the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series as an un-put-downable series that's bound to have me pushing ahead in my resolution in no time, have any of you lot read them? I really hope you're all doing fantastically well and I look forward to speaking again soon. Au revoir! (Learning French was another resolution, clearly not got that far with that one yet.)

17 May 2012

MAC Costa Chic Lipstick

Left Vegas Volt (again, sorry it looks horrible); Right Costa Chic

Left Vegas Volt; Right Costa Chic

Well hello there! I am so sorry that I haven't posted in what seems like forever, there's just been some stuff happening recently which has made it difficult to get posts up. However, I am back now and hope never to leave again! So how have you all been?! I have so missed sitting down and writing, I know it has actually only been a week but it feels like a LOT longer. Anyway, I was down in good old London again at the weekend for one of my friend's birthdays and whilst I was had some time to kill I happened to be around the Covent Garden area and, as many of you may know, there is a MAC store there which was just calling to me! I mentioned in a previous post (read all about it here) that I wanted to pick up Costa Chic lipstick, and whaddya know, I just went and got it! I'm just that crazy. Even though I haven't actually tried that many MAC lipsticks yet, I think the price you pay for the quality that they are (I've not tried a bad one yet) is really fantastic. (Also, before I get onto the colour, why has no one ever told me that MAC lipsticks smell and taste like Mini Eggs? I think this is a pretty huge selling point!) Anyway, Costa Chic is a really bright pinky-coral with a frost finish. It really brightens up your face and would be perfect for one of those days where you can't really be bothered to do anything with your eyes but still want to look somewhat interesting.

I did mention in my previous MAC lipstick post that I had been recommended Vegas Volt as an alternative to Costa Chic and I can see why - they are extremely similar, with Vegas Volt being more orangey and fiery and Costa Chic more pink toned. I don't see this as a problem in the slightest though. I love both but possibly prefer Vegas Volt due to the finish. I'm not a massive lover of a frost finish but I do think that with a lovely golden tan and beach babe hair this finish would work perfectly. Even though I have a really quite ridiculous (and ever expanding) collection of all manner of lip products, it still excites me so much when I get a new one! Does anyone else get that? It's really quite unnerving. I've finally managed to finish the next book for my new years resolution so will be putting a review up tomorrow. That's all for today folks so I shall speak again soon and I really do hope you're all swell :) Byebye! 

10 May 2012

You are my sweetest downfall...

Don't you just love the song that those words came from - Regina Spektor's 'Samson'. It's one of my favourite songs ever, and I can't put my finger on why. It evokes a million memories for me and just has the sweetest melody. I don't have a specific topic to talk about today, I just felt like coming on here and having a talk. Do you ever go through the day and have so many ideas of what you want to write about but when it comes to it, sometimes you just want to sit and type and see what comes out? Well that's me today. I do have beauty things to photograph and reviews to write, but not today. Today is for talking, contemplating, wondering. I've been feeling a bit strange recently, like I'm waiting for something to happen or walking along with my eyes closed. I seem to have had a lot on my mind but when I've come to think about them there doesn't seem to be one concrete thought that I can pin down and wallow over. I need a wallow, but don't seem to have the time or the ability to stop thinking for long enough. 

I'm off back down to London this weekend for a friend's birthday which should give me the chance to switch off and enjoy being with some of my favourite people. Get some things off my chest and, for once, I'm going on the train (instead of driving) so I can catch up on some reading because I've been slacking on my new year's resolution to read 30 books this year. Which reminds me, the book I'm reading now is called 'Headhunters' by Jo Nesbo and so far seems quite good. I'm just over a quarter of the way through and something quite dramatic has just happened (I won't put a spoiler in though, don't worry!) so I'm looking forward to switching off and reading for an hour or so on the journey. 

I feel like I haven't had the chance to sit down and properly do some blogging for too long (not just writing blogs, but looking at other blogs and reading and commenting and all those things that I love to do). It's amazing how quickly you can feel disconnected from the blogging world if you don't keep it up religiously. Not that I haven't been posting or visiting my favourite blogs, I have, but it can easily start to feel like you're missing out on something or not doing quite enough to keep it interesting. I don't really know what I'm talking about but hopefully some of you will be able to understand what I mean! And I know it seems like a lot of bloggers talk about this sort of thing from time to time, but it does really help to get those feelings out there and not bottled up inside. Oh dear, this has turned much more rambly and nonsensical than I was hoping, I just seem to be finding it hard to construct any sort of logical train of thought or feeling at the moment. Hopefully it'll sort itself out soon because I've managed to give myself a headache thinking about it now. Anyway. Back to normal tomorrow I promise, in fact I'm going to go and paint my nails ready for the weekend so I'll be in a much better/more normal mood when I've finished (fumes always help don't they ;)?) I hope you're all having a great week and I look forward to speaking again soon, byebye for now! 

8 May 2012

April GlossyBox!

Good morning everyone, have we all had a good weekend? I had a very relaxing one - baking bread, drinking wine and...playing on the Xbox?! I never normally do that but for some reason me and the boyfriend got into playing a game and ended up playing for about 5 hours! It's all good fun. This week I went to see The Avengers (twice!) and absolutely loved it (clearly!). It is the best film I've seen in a while and I would highly recommend it even if you haven't seen any of the films leading up to it. It's a great film in its own right and, my god, it has some serious eye-candy in it. I think I may have fallen in love with Thor (a.k.a Chris Hemsworth, swoooon. Sorry boyfriend.). Let me know if any of you have seen it and what you thought. 

Now, onto the main event, the Glossybox review! I wasn't going to do one because I'm sure lots of you will have read about it other places but I really did like this month's, so felt I should share with you my thoughts on it! The theme this month was au naturel, starting off with a 100% bio-degradable box! (Because we like to look good AND do good of course). I do like this whole themed box thing that they've got going on, I think it adds something extra to the 'experience' and makes the samples seem less random. The first thing I noticed, and which made my heart sing with joy, was that there were no perfume samples in the box this month! Woohoo! I was getting really quite bored of receiving a tiny little sample of obscure perfume (most of the time) and was pleased to see they hadn't copped out and popped one in this month (but I guess perfume can't be all that natural can it?). I was really happy with all of the samples this month, they're all things I use (bar one) and would buy anyway, so I'll get on and show you what they were!

First up the Cauldalie Vinosource Serum which is meant to thoroughly hydrate and quench thirsty skin. It's quite a liquidy formula and quite refreshing when applied and, even though I don't have dry skin, which I'm guessing this may be aimed at, I find it a pleasure to use. After cleansing and toning it is absolutely lovely to pop on and makes my skin feel deliciously soft and smooth. I'm not sure I'd buy the full size version (around £26 on feelunique.com) but it is a lovely product and a generous sample size.

Next up the Monu Spa Hand and Nail cream. Now I personally love a good hand cream (read my post on my fave of the moment here) so I was particularly excited to see this fabulous sized sample in the box. This one is a very thick consistency which leaves absolutely no greasy residue (on my hands anyway), but leaves hands very soft and smelling kind of minty. I've kept this one in my handbag for on-the-go moisturisation and I can't really say a bad thing about it. Again, I probably wouldn't repurchase it because there are loads of great handcreams out there that are cheaper than the £10.95 that this one is asking for, but it is very nice.

The next product is the Figs and Rouge Organic Lip Balm and, oh wow, I love this! How cute is the packaging? I think I'd keep this in my bag even if it was crap because it looks so good! However, it is actually really really good as well! It's an odd consistency at first, kind of lumpy but then it smooths onto the lips (or any other area you want to use it, it's multi-purpose) and feels so smooth and makes lips lusciously soft! This is another minty smelling product and I would definitely consider repurchasing this. It comes in different flavours as well which I may just have to try out!

This product is a Lip Liner from Inika. It's certified organic and is the most gorgeous kind of shimmery orange-coral colour. If I had to I would say it probably has something of a frost finish, which I wouldn't normally go for, but this colour seems to work. On the lips it has a a very pink shimmer running through it, which in my opinion would probably make it more night-time appropriate because it is quite obvious and for day-to-day wear it might be a bit too much. The pencil is really soft and applies well, not too sure about lasting power yet as I haven't road tested it fully but at the moment I am liking it. I think it would make a great base under a deep coral or lighter red lipstick to add some more depth. I actually wore it under my MAC Vegas Volt lipstick (review here) when I went for a night out and it worked very well indeed. 
And finally the product that I wasn't too excited about, the Philip B Styling Gel. I haven't actually attempted to use it yet because I'm not sure how exactly I would use a styling gel in my hair, but it promises to add 'Volume, Texture and Definition', so maybe if I was going for a messy beach waves kind of thing I could add this to the ends to add some definition. It does say on the back that you can add it to the roots to add volume so maybe this is worth trying on second day hair to spice it up a bit. I'll keep you posted! 

So there we have it, this month's Glossybox. Not too shabby in my opinion, a nice mixture of things to try out and some that I would consider repurchasing, so well done to them! Looking forward to this months' box now, I've heard it's their one year anniversary so I'm expecting something spectacular (no pressure Glossybox!). Are any of you signed up to Glossybox? What do you think of the products in this month's box? I hope you've all got a fantastic day lined up, I'm off to work (exciting) so was up early to finish off this post to get it up for you all! That's dedication right there ;) Hope you're all very well and I shall speak soon! Bye for now!

6 May 2012

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

Hello there lovelies! I think know I have a problem. I really need to stop watching Vivianna's videos and reading her blog (here and here!) because I am obsessed and want everything she owns! So here I am again with something I saw her talk and write about - the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the shade Apricot Shimmer 02. There was no need for me to buy another lip product, I already own far too many, but I just couldn't resist! Clarins is without a doubt one of my favourite beauty brands and after hearing so many good things about this product I thought it would be rude not to give it a go! So, what do I think? Well firstly, it smells absolutely gorgeous. It's really quite sweet and tastes like caramel, which is definitely not a bad thing in my books and the texture is extremely smooth and silky. It actually claims that it 'nourishes, repairs and protects' and makes lips visibly more beautiful day by day and, whilst I don't know just yet (I've only had it for a few days) about the repairing or beautifying results, it definitely does leave your lips feeling moisturised and hydrated. It also gives the lips a gorgeous (very slight) apricot sheen with no stickiness at all, which is always a good thing with lip products. At £16 a pop it's definitely not the cheapest lip product out there, but it feels luxurious and so far does what it says on the tin. So if you're after something really nourishing and aren't afraid to spend a little hard earned cash then I would definitely recommend it. 

I'm now so close to buying the Caudalie Beuaty Elixir that I've also heard Vivianna (and pretty much everyone else) talking about - she just makes everthing sound so good and it's so bad for my bank account! However I did just buy a MAC Fix+ and I don't know how much spray my face can take, so I may have to wait for that one, but I'll keep you posted! Off to get my hair cut again this afternoon in my ongoing effort to have healthy, flowing locks - I think I'm getting there, slowly but surely. Hope you're all having a great Friday and looking forward to the weekend, speak again soon and bye bye!

2 May 2012

MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick

One of my gorgeous girlfriends was amazingly kind and bought me a lipstick the other day as my secret Santa present (yes we were long overdue exchanging these presents haha!). We have been terribly disorganised when it comes to seeing each other but we finally all managed to get together not too long ago and we had a fantastic time, topped off by receiving this beauty! She knew I wanted something from MAC because I was going on about it so off to the counter we went and I picked up the seriously gorgeous 'Vegas Volt'. I originally went with 'Costa Chic' in mind, but they were sold out and I was kindly directed to this colour as a near alternative (I'll just have to go back and get the other one at some point). It's much more orangey than Costa Chic, but personally I love an orange toned lip product, so I was not disappointed. I took an Instagram shot because the colour in natural light was just not doing it justice, it's much more orangey-red than it appears in the second picture and also a lot brighter. I really do love it. I wore it out the night we were all together and, as well as loving the colour, the staying power was very impressive. I made sure to layer up the product in thin coats to ensure maximum staying power and, boy I was not disappointed! It's an Amplified finish so it's very pigmented and the texture is a lot more creamy than I was expecting which was a big bonus! I would highly recommend this colour as a nice alternative to a classic red lip, something a bit more modern and still really wearable if you apply only a thin layer. 

I would like to apologise, both to you lovely readers and to my friend, for its slightly dishevelled appearance. As I said I did wear it on a night out (and therefore took it with me for top-ups) and somehow it got a little bit bashed around. But hey-ho, that is so not the point! The point is I am in love with this lipstick, I can't recommend it highly enough!
I thought I'd include a (blurry) picture of me wearing it, here with my gorgeous girl Flo. What do you think? Are you a red lipstick kinda girl, or do you prefer something more natural and nude? I hope you enjoyed this review and be sure to let me know if you've tried this colour, or if there are any you'd recommend for me to try! Hope you're all having a fantastic day. Speak soon, Byebye!

1 May 2012

Nails - Girl On Fire!

Like my Hunger Games reference there ;)? Before I get onto the colour I just wanted to mention that I picked up the Boots cuticle remover today after hearing Vivianna, from Vivianna Does Makeup on YouTube and on her amazing blog. I'm not into nail care in a massive way and I often tend to neglect my cuticles and nails in general (apart from painting them, obvs) but thought this might be a good way to get some sort of nail-care routine started. I have to say I'm surprised how much I like it! I've never actually used a cuticle remover before but I wish I had, it really works! You just massage it into the cuticle, leave on for a minute and then push back the cuticles with an orange stick and, magically, the cuticles (or the dry bit of cuticle at least) disappears! It is a good step to have in your nail-care routine because it can make your varnish look a lot neater and more polished (no pun intended!).

So, now into the actual nail look of the day! This is one of the nail varnishes I picked up in my TK Maxx haul (read about it here). It's Nail's Inc.'s 'New Burlington Place' and is a pinky-red colour with orange duo-chrome shimmery-ness going on. It's probably not a colour I would usually go for but I do quite like it. First I want to just say that the application and drying time for all the Nail's Inc. polishes I've tried has been very good, which is definitely an important factor in my enjoyment of the nail varnish application process (I make it sound so technical). The three that I've used from this collection so far have all needed three coats, but because of the fast drying time I don't feel that that's a particularly bad downfall. What do you think of the colour, yay or nay? Let me know and I hope you're all having a fantastic day! 

Thanks for reading and speak soon!