With interests ranging from beauty and fashion, to books, baking and candlestick-making (ahem), Duck and Egg is a place to come to read about all sorts of interesting things, written by a myself, Sophie, a 24 year old person. 25 this year and what is this? I currently live in beautiful Lincolnshire, my home county, but recently relocated back here from the bright lights of London Town. 

I moved back for love after just over a year in London, having previously lived in Surrey during my university years, and now live in a happy little two bedroom house that we are currently deciding how to decorate, how fun! Expect some home decor/decorating/very amateur DIY posts to pop up on the regular this year. 

Blogging, social media and current affairs play an important role in my life. I find the very notion of social media and how it relates to so many aspects of life fascinating. From marketing and advertising, to interacting and discovering, social media is now one of the most important platforms in the world, and this is my very small part of that. 

Enjoy what you read here and feel free to explore. 

The boring bit...

All products reviewed/written about on my blog have been bought with my own hard earned cash, unless otherwise stated. I always write an honest review and would never say good things about products just to get in a company's good books. No fun in that is there - if I told you all that something was brilliant and it was actually crap then you wouldn't trust my opinion again! 

Some links on my blog/in my posts may sometimes be affiliate links, please remember you don't have to click on them if you don't want to.