26 April 2017


Sorry for the dramatic title, I've not posted on here in many many months because I've moved to a brand spanking new blog www.beautifulfootenotes.com.

It's the new grownup, sophisticated sister to Duck and Egg and I would love it if you wanted to head over and have a look!

21 September 2015

Beside the lake, beneath the trees...

There's really nothing better than switching on your 'Out of Office', leaving work behind you and taking a long visit to a beautiful place. That's exactly what I did last week and, by gosh, was it needed. Sometimes you can be so entwined in the day to day goings-on of life that you don't realise how anxious and wound up you're feeling (well, actually, I did know. I feel permanently stressed at the moment, but that's another story). So there really wasn't a better time to take a few days off and enjoy what England has to offer. 

I love the Lake District. For one reason or another, there are always those places that make their way into your heart and never really leave. The places that make you wonder 'What is it like to actually live here, is it as wonderful and magical as I think?' (the answer, unfortunately is probably no). I'm like that with Paris as well. I've never been (I WILL one day) but it has a special place in my heart, full of whimsical notions of baguettes in my bike basket, strong coffee sipped whilst catching up on today's news in a quaint little cafe by the roadside and delicious, juicy Steak Frites with a glass of good French red. 

I digress - The Lakes. What beauty they behold. The sight of vast lakes against the wondrous backdrop of steep mountains, formed millions of years ago, seemingly for us to enjoy and revel in. It's all I can think when I'm surrounded by hills and mountains: 'Just think how these were formed. I find it astonishing! The world crashing together and forcing up great mounds of earth; a small knock compared to the bigger mountain ranges, but magnificent all the same.' 

I've been to the Lake District a few times, my mum even lived and worked there in her younger years (I think that adds to why I love it so much), and each time I enjoy it more and more. There's not much shopping (unless you love a good mountain-wear shop), but there are some lovely restaurants around (Villa Positano in Bowness-on-Windermere and The Lighthouse in Windermere to name a couple) as well as, of course, some magnificent walks. The main one we did this time was up Wansfell Pike. It's not the biggest summit in the Lakes (that's Scafell Pike) but if you take the road from Ambleside, up Wansfell and carry on around to Troutbeck and circle back to where you started, you're in for a visual treat as well as a good workout. 

I'd recommend the Lake District to anyone, especially if you've never been before. I live in a relatively flat part of the UK and sometimes forget that these sorts of places exist in the UK. We're always looking for somewhere more exotic with the biggest hills, the brightest skies and the warmest sunshine to get away to, but sometimes it's those places close to home that can mean the most. 

26 March 2015

Meet The Kittens

Everybody loves a bit of fluff, right? So I thought I'd share the newest addition to our household; meet Victoria Sponge and Battenburg. We adopted these two beauties from Cats Protection at the beginning of February and I am in love! I haven't had cats before but the boyfriend has and I've always wanted a feline friend, so when we saw these two sisters on the website we just had to go and see them. We weren't decided whether to get one kitten or two, I would have been happy either way, but now that we have both of them I couldn't imagine it another way. They love to play together and it's good because they keep each other company whilst we're at work. 

They were both abandoned in a cardboard box when they were very little, and so they had been in the care of cats protection for about three months by the time they went up for adoption. They were riddled with worms and fleas and had generally not had a very good start to life, so as soon as we went to see them and they were both being a bit timid, we knew they had to be ours. 

They've been with us for about five weeks now and are totally settled in, in fact Sponge is currently sat right next to me on the sofa as I write this, looking very content indeed. There have been a couple of trips to the vets since with Sponge as she has had a few issues with her teeth, but we're glad to say that it's nothing serious and will her teeth will just need a good clean every year or so. 

If you're thinking about getting a kitten but are unsure, I would say go for it! They are so easy easy to look after, just a bit of food, a bit of cleaning up after them and that's it (apart from the cream carpets needing hoovering a lot due to their being black)! 

These two pictures above are of Victoria Sponge, Sponge for short. She is the bigger of the two and was the most outgoing from the outset. The first to go out adventuring and definitely keen for a nibble on your fingers, she's the more independent of the two and is happy for a cuddle and stroke, but only on her terms!

Favourite things: Dreamies, nibbling your toes in bed, running away from you in the morning because she wants you to chase her!
Dislikes: the hoover

The next three pictures are of little Battenburg, or Berg for short. A little petite kitten who is full of love! She stayed in the carrier that we bought her home in for about four hours, at which point we had to evict her because we didn't want her getting used to it. The following two weeks involved her running to the nearest hiding place, which was under a chair in our lounge, and rarely being seen. She has come on leaps and bounds though, and is now keen for an adventure and a play with her sister. She is really affectionate and loves a good stroke of the head.

Favourite things: licking your face in the morning to get you up, investigating things, eating!
Dislikes: being picked up

Do you have kittens or cats? Tell me about them - I am a converted cat woman! 

P.s. Apologies for the overload of animal photos. Normal service will resume. 

23 March 2015

How are the New Year's Resolutions Going?

Back in January I, like everybody else, wrote about the new year's resolutions that I am hoping to keep this year. In order to try and stick to these I've written them on my fridge, written about them here, got them on the notes in my phone and promised myself I would do a monthly update on how they're doing. 

Well, as you can probably tell, I already failed at one of those by not posting this in February. Whoops. But alas, February is a short month so that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. Let's recap what the resolutions are:

Number One: Be More Productive 
Now, I actually don't think I'm doing too bad at this one. This wasn't just about blogging more, it was about doing more with my time off instead of just watching YouTube videos (anyone else guilty of that?). Don't get me wrong, many an evening has been spent working our way through 24 (SO GOOD) but I have also been using my time to do other things. Tonight, for example, not only am I writing blog posts, but I also have home made granola baking in the oven. How much more productive can you get? 

I also baked Mother's Day Biscuiteers inspired biscuits (if you haven't seen their website then you should go. Now.) which took pretty much an entire Saturday (you can see the result of that here). Oh, I also forgot to mention we got kittens at the beginning of February so they've been taking up a lot of my time being generally adorable as well. 

So, I mean, I haven't been finding the cure to cancer or anything, but that's ok. 

Number Two: Cook more from cookbooks
Technically not me doing this, but mainly because I get home later than the boyfriend from work, but we have been pretty adventurous with our food which is great. Cooking is something I love to do and if I had more time in the week I definitely would. It is still a goal I need to work at. 

Number Three: Do one new thing every month
January I went to Prague with my four best friends which was amazing. Please take me back. In February - does getting kittens count? It's a difficult one to judge because everyone does new things pretty much every day, so whether I count the big things or the small things it depends. I can't think of a big thing off the top of my head for February, or indeed March, but I think that's just because my head is filled with other things at the moment. And I can smell burning granola. 

Number Four: Read 50 books
Now, I really have failed at this one so far. As in, I haven't actually read a single one. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. I think I mentioned 24? Watching it until we really have to go to bed and then falling into a coma as soon as head hits the pillow - not very inductive to reading. Need to work on this ASAP and nourish my mind. 

Number Five: Get at least two rooms in the house completely finished
This is a work in progress, we have actually chosen paint colours so that's a step forward. Now we just need to buy it and then, you know, paint the walls or something. I'm confident this one will be achieved but it's not something that's going to happen overnight. 

Number Six: Learn to play five songs on the Ukulele 
Errrr. Yeah. 

So there we go, a bit of a recap and a chance to assess my progress. I actually thought I was doing better than I actually am before I wrote it down. It's ok, it's only March (23rd - oh god) so there's still a pretty good chunk of time to get all of these done before Auld Lang Syne is sung across the land once again. 

Tell me - how are you doing with your new year resolution?

26 February 2015

How your garden grows...

Since moving into the new house, I've really wanted to start growing our own herbs and, eventually, vegetables in the garden. I went down the whole cactus route (they've been very popular recently, haven't they?) and I love these, but obviously there's not much you can do with a cactus apart from look at it. So I wanted to start growing some herbs indoors that we can use in cooking.

I'm not overly green-fingered, but I am really looking forward to getting the garden sorted out when the weather allows, so for now some cute pots in the windowsill more than suffice. The pots we bought were from a local garden centre, but I'm sure that these are available from other places, or if not, something very similar. The pots came with the necessary seeds and compost so all we had to do was follow the simple instructions and Bob's your uncle! After about 5 days we saw shoots coming through the basil and chives, the parsley took a little longer but we now have some healthy stems popping up. To be honest, this is as much about the growing process as it is actually using the herbs, and I have definitely found that I am genuinely excited to check them every couple of days to see how they're getting on! You know you're getting getting old when herbs excite you!

At the moment our garden is just mud filled with rubble left by the builders so that's great. We decided not to get it turfed as we've decided to go for more of a courtyard style garden with paving and maybe some decking, with lots of pots and maybe some raised beds around the side. If any of you have any tips or tricks when it comes to choosing great potted plants that don't require a great amount of upkeep but add a nice amount of colour/texture, then I'm all ears.

I'm sure I'll be updating the blog with pictures and progress over the coming months so keep a look out!

22 February 2015

Clinique 'Hefty Highlight'

There has been a lot of talk about this and its contouring counterpart, Curvy Contour, since it was announced that Clinique were going to be releasing them. Part of the sculpting duo, the highlighter is a creamy, almost pink pearlescent highlighter to use along cheekbones, as an eyebrow highlight, collarbone highlight etc. I've used a few of these before, most notably one from The Body Shop which I have had for (far too many) years but that I just find myself reaching for time and time again because it gives such a beautiful, dewy but not shiny sheen to the skin. The Body Shop one leaves the skin feeling slightly tacky, which generally I don't mind but sometimes I find that this can go slightly patchy on my skin, so I was hoping from the Clinique one that it would be a slightly less tacky finish.

Luckily, it still manages to give a beautiful sheen to the skin, slightly less so than others I have used, but doesn't feel sticky and adds a beautiful glow. I, as well as many others, am always looking for the ideal set of products to create that barely-there, glowing from within skin look, and having combination to oily skin, this can be difficult. Often times when I use products, say a BB (CC, DD, EE blahblah) cream that is meant to look dewy and healthy, I just end up looking like a grease ball (or at least feeling like I do, people do often say I look nicely dewy but I just feel oily) and having to powder away any sheen I did have. At the same time, I'm not the biggest fan of powder highlighters as they are no where near as natural and I just haven't found one that can really achieve that same look as a beautiful creamy highlighter can do.This one is definitely so far so good. I find that it lats all day, even when I'm at work from 8.30-6, and I find the colour very flattering on my pale skin. I'm not sure how it would look on b=more tanned skin as it is definitely quite pink, but I would certainly recommend this if you're on the lookout for a new highlighter. 

As for the contour I haven't yet managed to get my hands on this as it was sold out when I purchased the highlighter and I haven't yet had a chance to pop to any others. I definitely want to give it a try though so I'd love to know your thoughts if you've got it. I am quite pale and the swatch I tried in store did seem pretty orange but I'm sure with enough blending it could look beautiful. I bought mine from Debenhams and it costs £19. Let me know your thoughts!

19 February 2015

A Healthy Kick-Start

As part of my new year's resolutions (and probably 75% of everybody's) I want to be a bit healthier. On the whole I would say I've got an OK diet. I don't drink fizzy drinks, eats packets of crisps or eat sweets and chocolate everyday, but I could definitely learn some better portion control and overall feel a bit happier with my diet. I've always liked a good herbal tea, so when the opportunity to try the Boo Tea 28 Day Teatox I jumped at the chance.

Now don't get me wrong, I know that simply drinking 2 cups of tea a day isn't going to make up for that entire pizza you eat...but every little helps and so I thought I'd share my boo-tea experience with you!

First things first, taste. Absolutely lovely and nothing off-putting at all. That is is you're used to drinking both mint and green tea. The day-time cleanse honestly just tastes like a slightly more interesting green tea, not overly sweet, not overly bitter, just tasty and easy to drink. The night-time tea has a slight minty taste to it - think peppermint tea - but there is a bit more 'earthy herbalness' (I know they are not words) to it. Still very easy to drink and, even if you weren't a big herbal tea drinker, I'm pretty sure you'd get used to it pretty quickly. 

Now for how I felt it went. Well, with the night time tea, you drink this every other night for the 28 day period as this does has an 'affect' the next morning. This is most certainly TMI but hey, this is what a detox tea is all about right! So yes, night-time tea every other day and you will feel really very cleansed the next morning, but don't worry, there's nothing worrying and you won't be running to the toilet! The main factor leading to this as far as I know are the senna leaves which are a known diuretic (seriously TMI). 

The day time tea is drunk everyday for the 28 days and, whilst it doesn't have as much of a noticeable affect as the night-time tea, you still feel good drinking it and I'm sure they work really well together. In terms of weight loss, I don't currently own a pair of scales so I couldn't tell you, but I do feel like my stomach is flatter and generally feel good having done it. Unfortunately there won't be any before and after pics in my post, I'm definitely not body-confident enough for that, but I would certainly recommend this if you want something to give your healthy eating an extra boost!

Have any of you tried the Boo Tea Teatox? Let me know what you thought of it below!