6 May 2012

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

Hello there lovelies! I think know I have a problem. I really need to stop watching Vivianna's videos and reading her blog (here and here!) because I am obsessed and want everything she owns! So here I am again with something I saw her talk and write about - the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the shade Apricot Shimmer 02. There was no need for me to buy another lip product, I already own far too many, but I just couldn't resist! Clarins is without a doubt one of my favourite beauty brands and after hearing so many good things about this product I thought it would be rude not to give it a go! So, what do I think? Well firstly, it smells absolutely gorgeous. It's really quite sweet and tastes like caramel, which is definitely not a bad thing in my books and the texture is extremely smooth and silky. It actually claims that it 'nourishes, repairs and protects' and makes lips visibly more beautiful day by day and, whilst I don't know just yet (I've only had it for a few days) about the repairing or beautifying results, it definitely does leave your lips feeling moisturised and hydrated. It also gives the lips a gorgeous (very slight) apricot sheen with no stickiness at all, which is always a good thing with lip products. At £16 a pop it's definitely not the cheapest lip product out there, but it feels luxurious and so far does what it says on the tin. So if you're after something really nourishing and aren't afraid to spend a little hard earned cash then I would definitely recommend it. 

I'm now so close to buying the Caudalie Beuaty Elixir that I've also heard Vivianna (and pretty much everyone else) talking about - she just makes everthing sound so good and it's so bad for my bank account! However I did just buy a MAC Fix+ and I don't know how much spray my face can take, so I may have to wait for that one, but I'll keep you posted! Off to get my hair cut again this afternoon in my ongoing effort to have healthy, flowing locks - I think I'm getting there, slowly but surely. Hope you're all having a great Friday and looking forward to the weekend, speak again soon and bye bye!

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