8 May 2012

April GlossyBox!

Good morning everyone, have we all had a good weekend? I had a very relaxing one - baking bread, drinking wine and...playing on the Xbox?! I never normally do that but for some reason me and the boyfriend got into playing a game and ended up playing for about 5 hours! It's all good fun. This week I went to see The Avengers (twice!) and absolutely loved it (clearly!). It is the best film I've seen in a while and I would highly recommend it even if you haven't seen any of the films leading up to it. It's a great film in its own right and, my god, it has some serious eye-candy in it. I think I may have fallen in love with Thor (a.k.a Chris Hemsworth, swoooon. Sorry boyfriend.). Let me know if any of you have seen it and what you thought. 

Now, onto the main event, the Glossybox review! I wasn't going to do one because I'm sure lots of you will have read about it other places but I really did like this month's, so felt I should share with you my thoughts on it! The theme this month was au naturel, starting off with a 100% bio-degradable box! (Because we like to look good AND do good of course). I do like this whole themed box thing that they've got going on, I think it adds something extra to the 'experience' and makes the samples seem less random. The first thing I noticed, and which made my heart sing with joy, was that there were no perfume samples in the box this month! Woohoo! I was getting really quite bored of receiving a tiny little sample of obscure perfume (most of the time) and was pleased to see they hadn't copped out and popped one in this month (but I guess perfume can't be all that natural can it?). I was really happy with all of the samples this month, they're all things I use (bar one) and would buy anyway, so I'll get on and show you what they were!

First up the Cauldalie Vinosource Serum which is meant to thoroughly hydrate and quench thirsty skin. It's quite a liquidy formula and quite refreshing when applied and, even though I don't have dry skin, which I'm guessing this may be aimed at, I find it a pleasure to use. After cleansing and toning it is absolutely lovely to pop on and makes my skin feel deliciously soft and smooth. I'm not sure I'd buy the full size version (around £26 on feelunique.com) but it is a lovely product and a generous sample size.

Next up the Monu Spa Hand and Nail cream. Now I personally love a good hand cream (read my post on my fave of the moment here) so I was particularly excited to see this fabulous sized sample in the box. This one is a very thick consistency which leaves absolutely no greasy residue (on my hands anyway), but leaves hands very soft and smelling kind of minty. I've kept this one in my handbag for on-the-go moisturisation and I can't really say a bad thing about it. Again, I probably wouldn't repurchase it because there are loads of great handcreams out there that are cheaper than the £10.95 that this one is asking for, but it is very nice.

The next product is the Figs and Rouge Organic Lip Balm and, oh wow, I love this! How cute is the packaging? I think I'd keep this in my bag even if it was crap because it looks so good! However, it is actually really really good as well! It's an odd consistency at first, kind of lumpy but then it smooths onto the lips (or any other area you want to use it, it's multi-purpose) and feels so smooth and makes lips lusciously soft! This is another minty smelling product and I would definitely consider repurchasing this. It comes in different flavours as well which I may just have to try out!

This product is a Lip Liner from Inika. It's certified organic and is the most gorgeous kind of shimmery orange-coral colour. If I had to I would say it probably has something of a frost finish, which I wouldn't normally go for, but this colour seems to work. On the lips it has a a very pink shimmer running through it, which in my opinion would probably make it more night-time appropriate because it is quite obvious and for day-to-day wear it might be a bit too much. The pencil is really soft and applies well, not too sure about lasting power yet as I haven't road tested it fully but at the moment I am liking it. I think it would make a great base under a deep coral or lighter red lipstick to add some more depth. I actually wore it under my MAC Vegas Volt lipstick (review here) when I went for a night out and it worked very well indeed. 
And finally the product that I wasn't too excited about, the Philip B Styling Gel. I haven't actually attempted to use it yet because I'm not sure how exactly I would use a styling gel in my hair, but it promises to add 'Volume, Texture and Definition', so maybe if I was going for a messy beach waves kind of thing I could add this to the ends to add some definition. It does say on the back that you can add it to the roots to add volume so maybe this is worth trying on second day hair to spice it up a bit. I'll keep you posted! 

So there we have it, this month's Glossybox. Not too shabby in my opinion, a nice mixture of things to try out and some that I would consider repurchasing, so well done to them! Looking forward to this months' box now, I've heard it's their one year anniversary so I'm expecting something spectacular (no pressure Glossybox!). Are any of you signed up to Glossybox? What do you think of the products in this month's box? I hope you've all got a fantastic day lined up, I'm off to work (exciting) so was up early to finish off this post to get it up for you all! That's dedication right there ;) Hope you're all very well and I shall speak soon! Bye for now!

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