26 February 2015

How your garden grows...

Since moving into the new house, I've really wanted to start growing our own herbs and, eventually, vegetables in the garden. I went down the whole cactus route (they've been very popular recently, haven't they?) and I love these, but obviously there's not much you can do with a cactus apart from look at it. So I wanted to start growing some herbs indoors that we can use in cooking.

I'm not overly green-fingered, but I am really looking forward to getting the garden sorted out when the weather allows, so for now some cute pots in the windowsill more than suffice. The pots we bought were from a local garden centre, but I'm sure that these are available from other places, or if not, something very similar. The pots came with the necessary seeds and compost so all we had to do was follow the simple instructions and Bob's your uncle! After about 5 days we saw shoots coming through the basil and chives, the parsley took a little longer but we now have some healthy stems popping up. To be honest, this is as much about the growing process as it is actually using the herbs, and I have definitely found that I am genuinely excited to check them every couple of days to see how they're getting on! You know you're getting getting old when herbs excite you!

At the moment our garden is just mud filled with rubble left by the builders so that's great. We decided not to get it turfed as we've decided to go for more of a courtyard style garden with paving and maybe some decking, with lots of pots and maybe some raised beds around the side. If any of you have any tips or tricks when it comes to choosing great potted plants that don't require a great amount of upkeep but add a nice amount of colour/texture, then I'm all ears.

I'm sure I'll be updating the blog with pictures and progress over the coming months so keep a look out!

22 February 2015

Clinique 'Hefty Highlight'

There has been a lot of talk about this and its contouring counterpart, Curvy Contour, since it was announced that Clinique were going to be releasing them. Part of the sculpting duo, the highlighter is a creamy, almost pink pearlescent highlighter to use along cheekbones, as an eyebrow highlight, collarbone highlight etc. I've used a few of these before, most notably one from The Body Shop which I have had for (far too many) years but that I just find myself reaching for time and time again because it gives such a beautiful, dewy but not shiny sheen to the skin. The Body Shop one leaves the skin feeling slightly tacky, which generally I don't mind but sometimes I find that this can go slightly patchy on my skin, so I was hoping from the Clinique one that it would be a slightly less tacky finish.

Luckily, it still manages to give a beautiful sheen to the skin, slightly less so than others I have used, but doesn't feel sticky and adds a beautiful glow. I, as well as many others, am always looking for the ideal set of products to create that barely-there, glowing from within skin look, and having combination to oily skin, this can be difficult. Often times when I use products, say a BB (CC, DD, EE blahblah) cream that is meant to look dewy and healthy, I just end up looking like a grease ball (or at least feeling like I do, people do often say I look nicely dewy but I just feel oily) and having to powder away any sheen I did have. At the same time, I'm not the biggest fan of powder highlighters as they are no where near as natural and I just haven't found one that can really achieve that same look as a beautiful creamy highlighter can do.This one is definitely so far so good. I find that it lats all day, even when I'm at work from 8.30-6, and I find the colour very flattering on my pale skin. I'm not sure how it would look on b=more tanned skin as it is definitely quite pink, but I would certainly recommend this if you're on the lookout for a new highlighter. 

As for the contour I haven't yet managed to get my hands on this as it was sold out when I purchased the highlighter and I haven't yet had a chance to pop to any others. I definitely want to give it a try though so I'd love to know your thoughts if you've got it. I am quite pale and the swatch I tried in store did seem pretty orange but I'm sure with enough blending it could look beautiful. I bought mine from Debenhams and it costs £19. Let me know your thoughts!

19 February 2015

A Healthy Kick-Start

As part of my new year's resolutions (and probably 75% of everybody's) I want to be a bit healthier. On the whole I would say I've got an OK diet. I don't drink fizzy drinks, eats packets of crisps or eat sweets and chocolate everyday, but I could definitely learn some better portion control and overall feel a bit happier with my diet. I've always liked a good herbal tea, so when the opportunity to try the Boo Tea 28 Day Teatox I jumped at the chance.

Now don't get me wrong, I know that simply drinking 2 cups of tea a day isn't going to make up for that entire pizza you eat...but every little helps and so I thought I'd share my boo-tea experience with you!

First things first, taste. Absolutely lovely and nothing off-putting at all. That is is you're used to drinking both mint and green tea. The day-time cleanse honestly just tastes like a slightly more interesting green tea, not overly sweet, not overly bitter, just tasty and easy to drink. The night-time tea has a slight minty taste to it - think peppermint tea - but there is a bit more 'earthy herbalness' (I know they are not words) to it. Still very easy to drink and, even if you weren't a big herbal tea drinker, I'm pretty sure you'd get used to it pretty quickly. 

Now for how I felt it went. Well, with the night time tea, you drink this every other night for the 28 day period as this does has an 'affect' the next morning. This is most certainly TMI but hey, this is what a detox tea is all about right! So yes, night-time tea every other day and you will feel really very cleansed the next morning, but don't worry, there's nothing worrying and you won't be running to the toilet! The main factor leading to this as far as I know are the senna leaves which are a known diuretic (seriously TMI). 

The day time tea is drunk everyday for the 28 days and, whilst it doesn't have as much of a noticeable affect as the night-time tea, you still feel good drinking it and I'm sure they work really well together. In terms of weight loss, I don't currently own a pair of scales so I couldn't tell you, but I do feel like my stomach is flatter and generally feel good having done it. Unfortunately there won't be any before and after pics in my post, I'm definitely not body-confident enough for that, but I would certainly recommend this if you want something to give your healthy eating an extra boost!

Have any of you tried the Boo Tea Teatox? Let me know what you thought of it below! 

12 February 2015

Home Inspiration

I mentioned in a previous post that towards the end of last year I moved into a new home with my boyfriend and it is my mission this year to get at least two of the rooms in the house completely finished. Now, we were going to start on the lounge pretty soon and already have paint swatches and mood boards going on, but at the moment it seems like we never have a free weekend to even begin thinking about putting plans into action! As far as creative inspiration goes, I think I have a more clear idea of what I want the home aesthetics to be (although maybe he does too but I just don't let him get a word in edgeways!), and here are just a small handful of the images that I've come across through numerous trawls of Pinterest and interior blogs. 

1. The colour scheme and shelving here are what drew me to this particular set-up. The all-white palette with a little bit of green coming from the plants looks fresh, clean and still interesting. 

2. How much do you LOVE this? I was particularly drawn to the poufs because the geometric pattern really brings interest to an otherwise very simply room. The shelving again is absolutely stunning and beautifully dressed and the dark wood side table is perfect. 

3. Can you see a trend running through here? Love the tree, love the pop of blue in the cushions and love the rug. This is just perfection. Also, I love the penguin cushion. 

Which is your favourite? Do you like this sort of interior styling? I'll keep you updated on how we end up doing our living room and I hope it will turn out something like any of these! Have a great day!