12 February 2015

Home Inspiration

I mentioned in a previous post that towards the end of last year I moved into a new home with my boyfriend and it is my mission this year to get at least two of the rooms in the house completely finished. Now, we were going to start on the lounge pretty soon and already have paint swatches and mood boards going on, but at the moment it seems like we never have a free weekend to even begin thinking about putting plans into action! As far as creative inspiration goes, I think I have a more clear idea of what I want the home aesthetics to be (although maybe he does too but I just don't let him get a word in edgeways!), and here are just a small handful of the images that I've come across through numerous trawls of Pinterest and interior blogs. 

1. The colour scheme and shelving here are what drew me to this particular set-up. The all-white palette with a little bit of green coming from the plants looks fresh, clean and still interesting. 

2. How much do you LOVE this? I was particularly drawn to the poufs because the geometric pattern really brings interest to an otherwise very simply room. The shelving again is absolutely stunning and beautifully dressed and the dark wood side table is perfect. 

3. Can you see a trend running through here? Love the tree, love the pop of blue in the cushions and love the rug. This is just perfection. Also, I love the penguin cushion. 

Which is your favourite? Do you like this sort of interior styling? I'll keep you updated on how we end up doing our living room and I hope it will turn out something like any of these! Have a great day!

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