26 February 2015

How your garden grows...

Since moving into the new house, I've really wanted to start growing our own herbs and, eventually, vegetables in the garden. I went down the whole cactus route (they've been very popular recently, haven't they?) and I love these, but obviously there's not much you can do with a cactus apart from look at it. So I wanted to start growing some herbs indoors that we can use in cooking.

I'm not overly green-fingered, but I am really looking forward to getting the garden sorted out when the weather allows, so for now some cute pots in the windowsill more than suffice. The pots we bought were from a local garden centre, but I'm sure that these are available from other places, or if not, something very similar. The pots came with the necessary seeds and compost so all we had to do was follow the simple instructions and Bob's your uncle! After about 5 days we saw shoots coming through the basil and chives, the parsley took a little longer but we now have some healthy stems popping up. To be honest, this is as much about the growing process as it is actually using the herbs, and I have definitely found that I am genuinely excited to check them every couple of days to see how they're getting on! You know you're getting getting old when herbs excite you!

At the moment our garden is just mud filled with rubble left by the builders so that's great. We decided not to get it turfed as we've decided to go for more of a courtyard style garden with paving and maybe some decking, with lots of pots and maybe some raised beds around the side. If any of you have any tips or tricks when it comes to choosing great potted plants that don't require a great amount of upkeep but add a nice amount of colour/texture, then I'm all ears.

I'm sure I'll be updating the blog with pictures and progress over the coming months so keep a look out!

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