26 March 2015

Meet The Kittens

Everybody loves a bit of fluff, right? So I thought I'd share the newest addition to our household; meet Victoria Sponge and Battenburg. We adopted these two beauties from Cats Protection at the beginning of February and I am in love! I haven't had cats before but the boyfriend has and I've always wanted a feline friend, so when we saw these two sisters on the website we just had to go and see them. We weren't decided whether to get one kitten or two, I would have been happy either way, but now that we have both of them I couldn't imagine it another way. They love to play together and it's good because they keep each other company whilst we're at work. 

They were both abandoned in a cardboard box when they were very little, and so they had been in the care of cats protection for about three months by the time they went up for adoption. They were riddled with worms and fleas and had generally not had a very good start to life, so as soon as we went to see them and they were both being a bit timid, we knew they had to be ours. 

They've been with us for about five weeks now and are totally settled in, in fact Sponge is currently sat right next to me on the sofa as I write this, looking very content indeed. There have been a couple of trips to the vets since with Sponge as she has had a few issues with her teeth, but we're glad to say that it's nothing serious and will her teeth will just need a good clean every year or so. 

If you're thinking about getting a kitten but are unsure, I would say go for it! They are so easy easy to look after, just a bit of food, a bit of cleaning up after them and that's it (apart from the cream carpets needing hoovering a lot due to their being black)! 

These two pictures above are of Victoria Sponge, Sponge for short. She is the bigger of the two and was the most outgoing from the outset. The first to go out adventuring and definitely keen for a nibble on your fingers, she's the more independent of the two and is happy for a cuddle and stroke, but only on her terms!

Favourite things: Dreamies, nibbling your toes in bed, running away from you in the morning because she wants you to chase her!
Dislikes: the hoover

The next three pictures are of little Battenburg, or Berg for short. A little petite kitten who is full of love! She stayed in the carrier that we bought her home in for about four hours, at which point we had to evict her because we didn't want her getting used to it. The following two weeks involved her running to the nearest hiding place, which was under a chair in our lounge, and rarely being seen. She has come on leaps and bounds though, and is now keen for an adventure and a play with her sister. She is really affectionate and loves a good stroke of the head.

Favourite things: licking your face in the morning to get you up, investigating things, eating!
Dislikes: being picked up

Do you have kittens or cats? Tell me about them - I am a converted cat woman! 

P.s. Apologies for the overload of animal photos. Normal service will resume. 

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