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The N Spa Facial

Every once in a while (or not such a while in most cases) it's nice to give your skin a good pamper with some great products that leave you with soft, clean, beautiful skin. As is often the case, I have quite a few products that could fall into the 'pamper' category, mostly in the form a face masks. It's hard to resist them with all their promises of rejuvenating the skin and making you look bright and fresh. This offering from N Spa is the latest addition in my stash. Sold at ASDA, it's hard to resist when doing the weekly shop, especially when it's on two for £8 - what a bargain. I picked up two products from the range, the 5 Minute Magic Mask and the Skin Renewal Gel. 

5 Minute Magic Mask - described as an 'intensive, pore-refining mask to smooth and enhance skin texture', this paraben-free face mask contains essential oils and vitamins to draw out impurities and leave you with fresh, refined skin. It's a thick consistency, with small beads of Vitamin E which you gently massage until they burst onto your skin, and has a nice, but pretty strong, scent. The verdict? As with all masks, it's an enjoyable experience and makes you feel as if you're doing something good for your skin, however, I wasn't completely wowed. It didn't really make my skin feel much softer or leave it looking particularly refined. I'll continue to use it because it had no detrimental effects, but I wouldn't be inclined to repurchase. I would recommend the Good Things Five Minute Facial Mask over this 100% - I've done a review of this one here

Skin Renewal Gel - now this was a winner for me. This claims to 'gently melt away dead skin cells to leave a soft, radiant complexion' and contains fruit acids and essential oil of neroli. As we all know by now, fruit acids are a great way of exfoliating the skin so I had high hopes for this. The method for applying this is something I've not experienced before - it starts off as a very thick gel texture which you work all over the skin, massaging in for about one minute until it starts to turn into an oil. Then you leave it for about 30 seconds, and then continue to massage until it has all broken down into an oil. The ritual of giving your face a proper good old massage is lovely, and it has left my skin feeling incredibly soft and clean, but without feeling tight at all. Once it has all been massaged, you can add some water which will emulsify it into a milky texture, and then go on to remove with a facial cloth. I'm really impressed with this one and would really recommend giving it a go, especially if you've never used a similar product before. 

Have you tried anything from N Spa? Let me know if you have and what you thought. 


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