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V05 Gimmmeeeeeee Texture!

I mentioned in my Empties post that I was looking to try other products from the V05 texturising range after having my hair cut relatively short recently. Well, by gum, I went out and did just that! I picked up another couple of products fromt the pink-packaged range - the Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray and the Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray. 

First up the backcomb spray. To be honest, it does exactly the same thing as the Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray. I don't really know why I bought it (apart from the fact that had run out) because I swear they are both the exact same product. Ok, according to the bottle, the Dry Texturising Spray has sea salt in for 'sexy, undone hair' and the Dry Backcomb Spray (anyone confused yet) has 'collagen for hair that is big in all the right places'. I've looked at the ingredients list on the back and it is exactly the same. Every single ingredient, in exactly the same order, listed there on the back for all to see! It doesn't bother me particularly but it is a bit weird. Basically, my point is, if you want to try one of them just pick either because they do the exact same thing! Weird. 

Next up is the Tousled Style Spray (which does have a different ingredients list - phew). I was looking for something that I could use in wet hair, let my hair dry naturally and end up with easy, beachy, natural waves. To an extent this is what happens, but be warned, this does leave my hair a bit on the crispy side of things. I don't know if I'm using too much, and it's fine if I run through it with my fingers once it's dry, but there is definitely a crispiness going on. Also, the spray nozzle is ridiculous. It squirts out (oh!) a single line of product, as opposed to misting the hair, which means if you aren't careful you could end up with individual crispy patches, and not much else. Let's face it, that would not be a good look. Best applied to your hands first and then rubbed in for better control. 

Overall, I do like what I've tried from the range because I like having a bit of texture in my hair, but having two products in the same range that do exactly the same thing seems a bit strange. Ah well! Have you tried anything from the range as well? I'd love to know your thoughts!


V05 Tousled Style Spray is £3.89, Dry Texturising Spray is £3.49 and Dry Backcomb Spray is £3.49 (you'd hope it would be the same!)

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