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Working on a cosmetics department means I'm constantly spritzing myself with perfumes when I'm not helping out customers, trying to decide which one is my favourite (I've still not managed to narrow it down). By the end of the day I usually have about ten different fragrances on me, which makes it quite difficult to know which ones I like most! A benefit, however, is that I get to try out all the new launches pretty quickly, and so here I am with a round-up of some of my personal favourite Spring/Summer fragrance launches.

Burberry Body Tender - The original EDP is a firm favourite of one of my colleagues and has since become a favourite of mine to spray happily away throughout the day. The newer version is a lighter EDT, with more floral notes to it. Rose, jasmine and sandalwood sit at the heart of this perfume, and a good dose of lemon and apple make for a refreshing initial spritz. Being an EDT makes it perfect for the warmer months when you don't want to be overpowered by a heavy, heady EDP. If you're a fan of the original Burberry Body and are maybe looking for something a bit fresher for summer, I'm pretty sure you'll like this too.

Signorina Eau De Toilette - Next is a new release from Salvatore Ferragamo in the form of the Signorina EDT. The original Signorina has been a slow burner for me. When I first smelt it I really wasn't a huge fan, I think because it's a very sweet scent, but almost everyone I work with absolutely loved it, so I kept spraying it on to see if I would change my mind. Lo and behold, I did and I now adore this fragrance. The original has, in my opinion, a real warmth to it, whereas the new version is lighter and fresher. There are still a lot of similarities and, again, if you like the original I'm sure you'll like this too. If I had to choose I would still go for the original, but this would make a really lovely addition to anyone's perfume collection.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Edition - Yet another release from Marc Jacobs, featuring the iconic flower topper. I find it hard to keep up with all the fragrances offered up by Marc Jacobs, there seem to be about ten different varieties of each perfume (and the same goes for this release, there are two versions)! The Eau So Fresh Sunshine edition, however, is described as 'a bolder and fruitier' version of the original Daisy Fragrance. 'Playful, fruity and floral' with a subtle sweetness at its base - this fragrance is pretty much everything you would want from a summer fragrance. And the bottles are pretty cute, aren't they?

See By Chloe - Finally, something not necessarily aimed at summer (as in it's not just a summer version of a different scent) is the new See By Chloe. This is an EDP with a floral scent. Jasmine and ylang-ylang sit at the heart of this one, with vanilla and sandalwood giving it a gorgeous depth. This one is slightly richer than the others (in my opinion) what with it being an EDP, but there is something very elegant and sophisticated that I love about it. The bottle is really gorgeous too - very simple but beautiful. 

So there we have, a quick round up of some fragrances that you may want to check out next time you're out and about. My personal favourite? It's a tough choice between Burberry Body Tender and See By Chloe I think, but if I had to choose I think I'd go Burberry.

Have you smelt any of these? Which one would your favourite be?


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