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Showdown: Hair Oils - Moroccanoil Vs. Luxe Oil

As you will no doubt be aware, oils have been the product du jour for taming those luscious locks for a while now. At first people were a bit dubious about using an oil in their hair for fear of it looking greasy and feeling heavy, but the times have changed and now there are many different oils to choose from on the market.

Moroccanoil pioneered the trend with their signature oil treatment which popped up in a lot of bloggers favourites for many a month. The relatively thick, beautifully scented liquid claimed to smooth and nourish the hair, making it look glossy and healthy.  There was a bit of controversy about the product a few months ago with some beauty bloggers questioning the actual hair-health benefits this product has, and personally I don't have enough in depth information to make a well-informed comment on this, but from their website it claims to have fatty acids, omega-3 oils, vitamins and antioxidants in - all of which sound pretty good. The oil is absorbed by the hair pretty much instantly, and can be used as a styling, conditioning and finishing tool. 

The opposition in this showdown is Wella's SP Luxe Oil. A slightly thinner consistency than the Morrocanoil, but definitely still with some substance, this oil claims to make hair texture up to 10 times smoother after one application and leave hair looking healthy and naturally beautiful. According to the website there are eight different ways you can use this oil, from an overnight treatment to a protecting and defining tool. The scent of this oil is equally as delicious, but if I had to choose scent I would probably plump for Morrocanoil.

I've used both for a long while now so feel I can make a pretty well informed decision as to which one I prefer. However, it is proving to be difficult because I honestly really like both. In order for this post to be worthwhile though, I do feel like I must decide! So, the winner is...drumroll...the Luxe Oil. I have just gone online to have a look at the prices of both of these and am very surprised. For some reason I thought the Luxe Oil would be more, but it actually around £10 less expensive than the Morrocanoil. Win all round!

Apart from being the less pricey of the two (Morrocanoil is around the £30 mark for 100ml, the Luxe Oil is around the £20 mark), the Luxe Oil really is a really nice product to use, and I would highly recommend you giving it a go. Have you tried either of these? Which one do you prefer? Also, are there any other hair oils you'd recommend? Hope you're doing well! 


Morrocanoil is £30.45 on Feel Unique and Luxe Oil is £19.89 on Look Fantastic

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