9 April 2013

March Non-Beauty Favourites

Just a few things that have nothing to do with beauty that I've been loving in March! 

Anyone else rekindled their love for JT since this album release? I know some of the reviews haven't been overly complimentary, but I love the song Mirrors so much that I don't care. Plus, I'm going to see him at Wireless so I have to listen to learn all the words! I am so excited for it, JT and Jay-Z headlining is going to be epic! Also, so happy you can play songs more than 5 times on Spotify now haha.

Pretty Little Liars anyone? Please, no spoilers! I'm only on season one. I started watching this with my girlfriends at uni, but only made it a few episodes in. I've started up again on Netflix and am pretty much hooked now. They're all so damn pretty! 

I'm attempting to read the books before I start watching the TV series, but as you can see I'm still only on book one, so I've got a fair while to go and everyone keeps telling me things about what's happening in the episodes! Has anyone read the books and seen the series? Which, if any, do you prefer? 

Apple and Pear Green Tea. I've been a green tea drinker for quite a few years now, and I don't mind drinking the original, I know some people find it a bit bitter but I don't mind. However, since discovering different flavoured versions (I've also tried the peach and cherry blossom flavour) I don't think I'd go back to basics. This one is really nice and I'd recommend it for anyone that wants to drink green tea for the benefits but doesn't particularly like the taste. 

Bit of a random one, but thought I'd share anyway. Let me know what any of your non-beauty faves are!


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