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You're well Lush.

I'm going to get straight to the point and not lead you on - I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to Lush. To be honest with you I never really got what it was about and I think that was because the first product I ever tried from there was Snow Fairy shower gel, which didn't wow me in the slightest. I have, however, always been intrigued and over the past couple of months I've been gently easing myself more into the brand. So far, so good. Here I have just a couple of my most recent purchases from there. 

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar - which, coincidentally smells like Snow Fairy, what a small world.This is a
very delightful addition to bath time. It has chunks of cocoa butter (if I remember what 
the shop assistant was telling me correctly?) which makes it super moisturising and creates a good
amount of bubbles. I am tending to go for the bubble-makers (new phrase) because I don't think a
bath is a bath without them. Mine had a huge chunk of body butter in the centre which was fun and left
my skin feeling very soft. This is a nice one to try if you too are new to Lush, because apparently
this is Lush's signature scent (who knew). 

Rose Jam Bubbleroon - Apparently if the WI were to 
make a bath bomb, this is what it would be ;)! Entirely appropriate as this bath-time treat is 
rose-scented loveliness. If you are a fan of rose you'll love this, if not you'll hate it. 'Nuff said. 

I also want to give an honourable mention to the Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask, which I used about a month ago (before I got back into blogging, hence no picture). I was recommended this by another shop assistant after asking her which might be suitable for my oily-combination skin, and I did really like it. Not so much so that I rushed out to buy another one, but it was pleasant and I would repurchase it as a bit of a treat in the future. 

Do any of you have any Lush recommendations for a newbie like myself? I'm enjoying browsing all the different things they've got at the moment and am welcoming any and all suggestions!


Creamy Candy retails for £2.50 and Rose Jam retails for £3.50

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