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REN Combination Skin Kit

I bought this little trial/travel sized trio of products on a recent shopping trip, one because I always like trying out new skincare and two because I've never actually tried anything from REN before. 

In the kit is the Mayblossom T-zone Control Cleansing Gel, the Invisible Pores Detox Mask (which was the main reason I picked the kit up) and the T-zone Balancing Day Fluid. This range is targeted at combination to oily skin, so perfect for me. 

T-zone Control Cleansing Gel - It's good, but not amazing. It's a very runny, clear gel that doesn't lather up much at all. I can't use it with my Clarisonic because there's not enough slip to it, but it's a nice refreshing cleanser to use in the morning. I've used it on days when I've had quite a lot of make-up on, and it definitely needed a second go (I normally double cleanse anyway, but I didn't find this effective enough). Not one I'll be repurchasing I don't think. 

Invisible Pores Detox Mask - A clay based mask which is meant to draw out impurities. This is a good mask which leaves my skin feeling very soft and like it has definitely had a good clean. It's one of those masks where you can actually see everything that's been drawn out of your skin at the end of the 10-15 minutes, which I always think must be a good sign. It doesn't tingle at all on my skin and it goes pretty hard after you've worn it for a while - which I quite like! The instructions say to gently rub it off, without water, once it's hardened to mildly exfoliate. I don't think this step is that necessary but it all helps, right? I would consider purchasing the full size of this, but I think you could get a cheaper one that does similar things (for example this Good Things one that I reviewed a while back). 

T-zone Balancing Day Fluid - This turned out to be the star product of all three, in my opinion. As I do have quite oily skin, I can't really stand being able to feel moisturisers once I've applied them, and this one sinks in beautifully and yet manages to feel really very moisturising. A little bit goes a long way as well, somehow even the smallest amount manages to spread out over a big area (which is good when you'd be paying around £26 for the full size), and it makes a really nice base for make up. Would definitely think about repurchasing this once my Clarins Daily Energizer runs out (one of my holy grail products).

I'm looking into trying out the much-talked-about Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask next, have any of you tried it and would you recommend it for oily/combination skin? 


REN Combination Skin Kit is £12 from John Lewis

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