13 October 2012

A bit of a catch-up: Internships and Holidays

Hello there strangers, how are you all doing? As you may have noticed I kinddddd of haven't posted in a very long time. This is partly down to laziness being busy trying to get a job and partly down to me starting an internship last week. I did mention in a post a while back that I'd been down in London for a few weeks in August and this was because I was doing a PR internship at a cosmetics company (begins with B, French, little round pots ;)?). This was a really great experience and I had a lot of fun, but it was only for three weeks and, as some of you may know, three weeks experience doesn't always count for a lot, especially when you're trying to get a job in marketing or PR and there's 100 people out there who have actually done a degree specifically in marketing (mine was in Geography with Business). 

So, after this I was left at a bit of a loose end and didn't have a job for about 7 weeks (I think, it felt like a lot longer). I had been applying for job, after job, after job all to no avail. I even had to make the step of signing on for job seekers allowance, something I never thought I'd have to do (naively. And don't get me wrong I have nothing against anyone that has to claim benefits). So after job hunting I finally came across an internship. Now, obviously the name gives it away - this was not going to be paid (as was the case with the other one also) but it is so important to get good experience on your CV that I went for it anyway. I ended up getting it and am now an intern in the supporter marketing department of a large environmental charity. This one is going to last until just before Christmas, and the sorts of things I'm doing are much more involved than my previous internship, so I feel really positive that the experience I'm going to gain is going to go a long way in helping me achieve what I really want. It's a lot more hard work than my other one, but in all honesty I'm kind of relishing actually having something to do after having been unemployed (which, I guess I still sort of am!) for what felt like an eternity. 

Also, I am actually waiting to hear back from a job with another cosmetics company, as they're opening a counter at a department store near me, so fingers crossed I might get this and actually have some money - and be working with a brand that really appeals to me and has a great message behind it. (More on that if it happens;)).

So yes, I'm feeling better than I was a month or two ago, and to top it all off I'm actually going away on holiday next week for 11 nights, waaahoooooo! I haven't had a proper holiday abroad for about 3 or 4 years (boohoo to me, I know that isn't really that long!) but I am just super excited about it and am looking forward to being nicely tanned for the winter months when everyone else's tans have faded ;)!!! I've never actually been on holiday abroad when it's not summer here, so it feels strange digging out all my summer clothes and bikinis, but I'm sure I'll manage somehow!

I really hope you're all doing well and I look forward to speaking again soon. If any of you want any more information on internships, like how to get them and what to do when you're there, I'm going to link to Claire's blog Jazzpad and her two posts:  Life as a PR Intern #1 and Life as a PR Intern #2. She has some really great tips and has put things much more succinctly than I probably could. Enjoy!


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