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Wednesday Review: Bahoma Candle 'Vineyard'

A bit of a different review for you today, featuring a candle I have been absolutely loving recently. It is from a company called Bahoma and is the Vineyard Round Candle. It's probably not the best time of year for me to be burning a candle such as this because the fragrance is definitely quite spicy and rich, but I do like to go against the norm now and again ;) I'm not as massively into candles as I know a lot of other beauty bloggers are, to be honest I always just forget to light them, but a few times a week I will remember and at the moment this is the candle I have been reaching for.

First things first, this candle has a strong smell even when it's not burning. As soon as I unwrapped it from its plastic packaging my room was filled with the scent, so this is not for those that like a subtle fragrance in their homes. Secondly, I am very impressed at the quality of this candle. I would say that I have burnt it for a total of about 8 hours now and it has burnt evenly and smoothly (if that makes sense). The actual wax feels (is it a bit strange to feel the wax?) kind of soft and creamy (this isn't making sense but I'm just trying to convey that I think that's what makes a nice candle!) and the deep purple colour looks beautiful on my desk. I have countless half burned candles around my room, but only this and one other one have made it onto my desk, which is the only place where they are guaranteed to get a look in. This candle has a burn time of 75 hours and is handmade in England.

This vineyard candle is £25.95 on the website, but I very kindly recieved mine as a birthday present from of my best friends! This is the first candle I've tried from their range but so far I would say that I really recommend them. Obviously I don't know what their other scents are going to be like and whether or not they will be as strong as this one, but the overall impression I get is that they make a bloomin' good candle. So there! I hope you're all doing fantastically well and apologies for this slightly late Wednesday Review (on a Thursday. Doh.) 

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