1 June 2012

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Yes, here I am, with a review about this which I'm sure you've all read a hundred times! I succumbed to the hype and bought the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask. There has been a bit of a buzz surrounding this product recently, I know a lot of YouTubers and bloggers have been raving about its' benefits, so whilst on a little shopping spree with my Mum the other day I couldn't resist the urge to pick it up and give it a try. Especially after I gave it a sniff and discovered it smelt of mango and fruity goodness! Seriously it does smell good. 

I was very tempted to just slather this on my face as soon as we got in (does anyone else have the overwhelming urge to try things as soon as you've bought them?) but I did resist and wait until I was actually going to bed (as instructed). Obviously there is method to this madness as it's when you sleep that your skin goes into recovery mode, so this would be the best time for a mask such as this to work. So, after cleansing I applied a generous amount of this to my face, gently massaging it in as it says to do on the bottle. It does also say you can tissue off excess product, but before doing that I left it for about 15 minutes so the majority would sink in. After this I did dab my face with a clean tissue as it does leave a tacky finish to the skin which I didn't really want going all over my pillows. 

And the results, I hear you cry? Well, don't expect miracles overnight! I, as always and as mentioned in my previous post, was hoping to wake up positively glowing and with skin as clear and soft as a baby's behind, but I didn't notice a great deal of difference. My skin was most definitely well moisturised there is no doubt about that, and again (and I'm sorry if I keep repeating myself) I don't have bad skin to start with so maybe other people would have better results from the off, but it wasn't as spectacular as I would have wanted. 

However! I have continued to use it over the past couple of weeks (so, maybe five times now?) and I have to say I would recommend it. Seem to have done a bit of a u-turn there don't I, hope you're keeping up! Having continued to use it I have really started to love it and actually look forward to the nights when I use it. I know I will wake up with my skin looking plump, fresh and pretty glowy as well as ensuring it stays hydrated all throughout the day. I honestly feel like I don't need to use a moisturiser on the mornings after I've used this because it feels so hydrated. So overall, I would definitely say that it is worth the hype and I think that if you have dry or very dry skin this would be an absolute miracle worker. At £20 it's not the cheapest face mask out there, but with this and so much other skincare, I think you get what you pay for. 

I hope you didn't mind reading another review of this product, I just really wanted to let you know what I thought of it and I hope it has been helpful. I'm starting to look more into Origins products because there is a lot of love around for this brand and there's not usually smoke without fire, so I'm expecting to love a lot more of their products. Do you have any products to recommend trying from Origins? Or have you tried this mask? I'd love to know what your thoughts were :) Thanks for reading and speak soon, I hope you're all doing swell! 

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