18 June 2012

Make-up Monday No.7 Blush Candy Pink

Hello again! I hope you're all well and have had good weekends. I wanted to let you know about a little plan that I have made for my blog. I am well aware that my posts have been a bit sporadic and random over the last few weeks and I want to try and rectify this, so have developed a little post schedule so that it all seems a bit more coherent and so that you can have an idea of what sort of posts to expect and when. It seems to make sense and I know I enjoy reading other people's blogs when they have a sort of continuous feel to them and I know what to expect from each type of post. So, at the moment the plan is to do some sort of make-up related post on a Monday, be it showing you new bits and pieces I've bought or just discussing a new make-up trend. Wednesdays will be for reviews of products because there are always things that I want to share with you or things that I've bought and tried. Fridays will be for fashion posts, so maybe a little collection of pieces I've seen and loved, or maybe a few outfit ideas using one key piece. Then finally, the weekends will be saved for miscellaneous posts, be it a Weekend Wish List, a general talk about what's going on, a book review or something food related (which, I know, I haven't actually done yet despite it being in my header!). So I hope that made sense and maybe my blog will become a bit more organised! I know for sure that it will help me to post more regularly because I seem to have just been doing a lot of reviews recently. Now, let's get this show on the road and talk about the topic of today's Make-up Monday!

I know in this one and the one below the colour seems quite different (the lighting!) but it is more like the one above, very bright!

And that is...a recent purchase I made from No.7, of course using the £5 off voucher! I did originally go in with the intention of picking up a new nail varnish, but to be honest I have so many now that there just wasn't anything that really stood out. On my browsing, however, I did have a little swatch session in the blusher area and remembered (or convinced myself) that I was in fact missing a bright candy pink in my collection. I seem to have gone off blusher a bit at the moment but I think it's just because I don't have any that are really floating my boat. So I picked this one up, which is No. 22 Candy Pink - perfect! I am actually really impressed with the formula so far, it feels almost creamy and it really nicely pigmented. I can tell that this is going to last a long time because you don't need to apply much to get a good colour pay-off. Also, I'm pretty sure it's completely matte, absolutely no shimmer or glitter in there at all, which pleases me greatly. With the voucher it was £4.50, which I don't think is half bad at all. 

I know a lot of you must have been taking advantage of the vouchers being given out again (who can resist a good bargain!), so do let me know what you picked up! Hope you're all fantastically well and I look forward to being more organised in my blogging! Love to you all! 

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