3 April 2012

Tuesday's Talons

It feels like a while since I've done a nail post, which is NOT good because 1. I love reading them on other people's blogs and 2. I love doing them!

So here's the look I'm rocking today, I am in a bit of a rush for work so they may not be looking particularly perfect. I really should do better. Also I don't know why my nails are so short at the moment, arrrghh. It's like my hair, they just won't grow! But anyway, here they are in all their stumpy glory. Forgive me.

I used Ciate's nail varnish in 'Skinny Jeans 022', which is pretty much identical to Barry M's 'Cobalt Blue', and the Nail Rock Nail wraps for the ring fingers (same ones I used in this post). 

As you can see I've gone for the whole ring-finger manicure thing which I do like, but don't totally love. It makes a nice change though and I do really like the colour of the varnish. It's a bright blue but with enough depth, if you know what I mean. It also applies well and I like the brushes that the Ciate polishes have. And obviously, the bottles are very cute with their own little ribbons!

Right, must be off now so I hope you all have a great day! Let me know what nail look you're wearing today, if you have a post about it leave your link below! Speak soon!

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