2 April 2012

Ten Under £10

Good morning everybody! So, it would appear I'm not much of a weekend post-er. I do apologise it just seems that I never have time to actually get them up at the weekend what with work and seeing friends and general life. I hope that's ok and I will always try to make up for it during the week and I've got some good posts lined up for the coming days! 

First up a bit of a hair update. It's been just over two weeks since my no-heat hair experiment now and on Friday I went for a haircut! First one since last July I think, TERRIBLE I KNOW! But anyway, it feels so much better now that I have had those dead, scraggly ends chopped off and I didn't actually need to have as much off as I thought I would so that's all good. I'm feeling a lot better about the situation now and am making sure to really look after those freshly cut ends now. I booked another appointment for 5 weeks time to keep them looking good so definitely feel like I'm on the right track for long, luscious locks! 

So, with that over, I have a little collection of things here that are all under £10 but still extremely lust-worthy! I got paid on Friday but have still got to keep an eye on the pennies in order to begin making any sort of headway into paying off the incomprehensibly large amount of money I now owe the government thanks to furthering my education into degree land. But anyway, let's not think about that! Enjoy! 

Bikini Top £9.99H&M
Bikini Bottoms £7.99H&M
Straw Hat £6.99H&M
L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer £9.99Boots
Mollie Neon Aztec Skirt £10: boohoo.com
Lola Round Keyhole Retro Sunglasses £8boohoo.com
Bangles £7.40: Forever21
Braided Sandals £6: Forever21
Bourjois Nail Varnish #25 £5.99: Bourjois
Soap and Glory 'It's About Prime' eyeshadow base £8: Boots

As you can see I think I may have gone a bit overboard with the summer theme. It's the weather we've been having, it's making me think I would actually be able to wear these things now, instead of having to wait a few months when it wouldn't be guaranteed anyway. Ah well, we can dream. 

I really want to try that Lumi Magique primer from L'Oreal because I've heard good things about it and I tested it out in Boots the other day and it looked pretty nice and glowy. Have any of you lot tried it? If you have I would love to know what you think. Also, I'm on the lookout for a new primer since my Urban Decay one has run out, has anyone tried this Soap and Glory one? The aztec print skirt from boohoo.com is gorgeous and I, like almost everyone else I think, am loving this trend at the moment and at only £10 I think it's a no-brainer! 

I really hope you've all had a great weekend, let me know what you've been up to! More posts coming in the very near future so keep a look out! Bye for now!

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