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NYR Book 6: Shiver

Good day! 

Here is the final review of the sixth book in my new year's resolution. I should really be either further through my 7th book or on my 8th by now but haven't quite managed that because I had a bit of a lull after finishing The Hunger Games. My opinion hasn't really changed from what I thought a while back when I was only about a quarter of the way through. It is definitely aimed more at the teenage audience than The Hunger Games was, and I found myself struggling to get through it just out of boredom. To me it seems the story is so obviously trying to appeal to those that liked Twilight and such stories, that it comes across as try-hard and contrived. Again, I do want to point out that I am obviously not the target audience for this and so my opinion probably doesn't count for a lot, but as it was recommended for those that liked The Hunger Games, I do feel disappointed. I would say teenage girls aged between maybe 12-16 would enjoy this but apart from that, I can't really see how anyone older than that would. The story is fine, it doesn't seem to go anywhere very fast and is incredibly predictable, but I'm sure for anyone who is in to werewolves and easy-to-read stories will find it mildly enjoyable. 

There are two other books in the series called Linger and Forever, but I'm not going to being rushing out to buy them. The first book obviously ends on a bit of a cliffhanger (predictable. obvious. blah.) but to be honest I just don't really care what happens to the characters. I feel bad doing a negative review and even worse because I'm doing a negative review of a book not aimed at me, but for those of you not in their target market and who may have been thinking about reading it I would say maybe try something else. But that might just be me! If you enjoyed it then great, I just don't enjoy stories like this and am just not really into the whole Twilight-esque stories that are going round at the moment. Sorry for being so negative but I thought there wasn't much point giving it a rave review if I didn't enjoy it and this blog is a place to express what I think so there we go! Hopefully the next one will be more enjoyable for me! 

The one I've started now is a biography called 'Wildflower'. It's about a woman named Joan Root who was a wildlife filmmaker and conservationist who was mysteriously shot dead in her home in Kenya. I don't tend to go for biographies but this seemed interesting and I definitely feel like I need to read something a little more intellectual at the moment! 

Will do an update when I'm part way through to let you know how it's going but for now, farewell and hope you're having a really great day!

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