25 April 2012

Nail's Inc. and Stila HAULATHON!

Good morning! I am currently trying to recover from the biggest shopping high ever! I popped into town yesterday just to have a mosey around and went into TK Maxx. I love going into the one near me because it always has great things in and, as always I headed straight for the make-up section (I don't know if they do make-up in all of them?) and was absolutely de-light-ed to see a fresh influx of Stila products! They were all packaged in little bundles of 3 and, like a lot of things in TK Maxx, you have to spend a bit of time (I think I was around the make-up area for at least 40 minutes haha) rummaging through to find some hidden gems. My total haul cost £30.97 and also included four (yes, four!) full size Nail's Inc. polishes. 

Pretty amazing for the price, no? I am SO happy with my purchases! I'm going to show you all the polishes in this post and then save the Stila stuff for another one. I would definitely recommend popping into your nearest TK Maxx store to see if you can pick up some bargains as well! I got these four for £14.99 which, considering a full size bottle at normal price costs £11, is an absolute steal! I am in nail polish heaven! They're all duo-chrome polishes, which I adore, and all have very fine shimmery/glittery particles. The last one 'Wardour Mews' is the one I chose to wear for now, I've taken pictures of it in different lights so hopefully you can see it in all its gloriousness! 

First up 'New Burlington Place' 

'Regent's Park Road'

'New King's Road'

'Wardour Mews'

So there we go! I would say that after that I don't think I'll be needing to buy any new products for a while but, as we all know far too well, that never really happens does it?! Hope you enjoyed and I'll have a more in depth look at the Stila things in the near future. Have you bought any exciting things recently? I'd love to see them and have a nosey around! And let me know if you find any bargains in TK Maxx! Hope you're all staying fabulous and I shall speak to you soon! Bye!

p.s. I'm doing another blog hop over on BlogLoveTherapy, go and check it out and get hopping if you like and also let me know if you found me through there!

p.p.s. Sorry there's a lot of pictures in this post!

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