9 April 2012

Muted Minty Monday

Yet another nail post featuring the very popular Revlon 'Minted' polish. I seem to have rediscovered it after it living in the bottom of my nail varnish drawer for about a year. One of the main reasons it's not one I use a lot is because I'm not actually a huge fan of Revlon varnishes in general. I find that they chip really easily on my nails and a lot of the formulas take a lot of effort to get looking good. Some of them are very thin and this look that I'm wearing today has taken 3 coats and a lot of time because they also don't dry particularly fast. But anyway, I do like the colours together and hopefully with a good topcoat they'll last long enough. The grey is also a Revlon polish in 'Silver', although I don't really know why it's called that because it isn't shimmery or glittery at all, so don't be deceived!

Hope you like the look and there will be more nail posts to come soon :)! Hope you're having a fabulous Monday and as always I would love to see your latest nail posts!

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