13 April 2012

Friday Nail Look and Boots Purchases!

Good afternoon and happy Friday to you all! I popped in to my local town earlier and saw that the Boots 3 for 2 offer on all make up was still on! I have so far managed to resist the lure of this magnificent offer but today, I caved. Firstly because the Bourjois nail varnish that I have been wanting for agggggesss (see here) was back in stock so I just had to get it! It's number 25, I don't think it has a name which is rather disappointing, and is the most gorgeous bright pink with a hint of coral. It's what I'm wearing in the look in the pictures below (as well as Rimmel's 'Aqua Cool' number 420) and I love it! I was inspired to do this look by Fleur, from FleurDeForce, in her latest video (watch here) and absolutely love it! I think it makes such a nice change and allows you to use more of your nail varnish collection! You could use either clashing or complimentary colours and I think the effect would be just as good. 

As well as the nail varnish, another thing I picked up was Rimmel's Lash Accelerator Mascara in Black. I used this a couple of years ago and really really liked it but never re-purchased it because I am incredibly fickle with mascara. I'm hoping it will be as good as I remember but if not, I'll just have to go and try another one! I also picked up one of the much talked about L'Oreal Colour Infallible eyeshadows. I got the colour Sahara Treasure which really is a gorgeous. It's a shimmery golden taupe kind of colour which I think would look great as part of a smokey eye look to brighten it up a bit. On first impressions I thought it looked a bit chunky and hard to use, but actually it glides on really smoothly and blends effortlessly. I haven't actually worn it yet so I don't know about staying power, but I will definitely let you know. 

Finally, I picked up a long-overdue moisturiser. My favourite one of all time, the Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel, ran out about 2 months ago and I've been getting by on various samples and remnants that I have left over from other moisturisers. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to buy a new one but today was the day, and I thought I'd give something else a go. So, I picked up the La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat Sebo-Regulating Moisturizer (long name), formulated for oily skin. It claims to moisturise, mattify, refine the pores and slow down sebum production (i.e. the stuff that makes skin oily.) Since I have relatively oily skin I thought I would give it a go, and at £13.50 it's about £6 less than the Clarins one. 
Have any of you tried this moisturiser? I'd love to know what you think. I hope you enjoyed this post and liked the nail look :) I hope you're all having a fantastic day and are looking forward to a nice weekend. I'm super excited about going back to my uni town tomorrow for the day and who knows, I might just pick up a few more things to write about ;) Speak soon and bye for now!

p.s. I might have to eat my words from what I said about the Revlon nail polishes in this post because I have to say it lasted really well! I had it on for about four days and there was minimal chipping which surprised me because I've used both before and they chipped quite badly. What can I say!!

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