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Hello there! Just thought I would share with you some very exciting things that have been happening recently! Apart from reaching 80 followers (can't believe it!) I have also been awarded Next's Blogger of the Month for March! I was so excited to receive the email asking whether I would like to have this award, to which I obviously said Yes!Yes!Yes! I want to thank Next for giving me this, it means a lot to me that the posts I have submitted to their blogger network (find it here if you don't know about it already) have been recognised and hopefully enjoyed. I am loving every minute of blogging and receiving some acknowledgement that I'm doing something right is amazing!

As well as this they were also kind enough to let me choose something off their website! I chose a green maxi skirt which I will definitely feature in a future post. I don't own any maxi skirts at the moment so thought I couldn't really go wrong by choosing one from them. Anyway, just wanted to share that with you! You should definitely go over to the blogger network if you haven't already, it gives you inspiration on what to write about and can give your blog some more exposure by going up on the website! Enjoy if you do go over!

Thanks for reading, hope you're enjoying the posts and speak again soon!

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