16 April 2012

Collection (2000) Cream Puff Review

Quite a while ago I picked up one of these cream puff matte finish lip creams from Collection (2000 - why have they changed their name?!) after hearing about them from Lisa Eldridge on one of her YouTube videos. I picked up the colour 'Cotton Candy' and have to say I absolutely love it. I don't really know why I haven't been back to get the other colours (I believe there are 4 available) because they are so good! The consistency is very smooth and, even though they give a matte finish, I don't find them overly drying at all. They taste and smell lovely (quite sugary and sweet) and wear really well (gently fading after a couple of hours of wear). At only £2.99 each I think they are a no-brainer and I am led to believe that they are pretty much the same as the NYX Soft Lip Creams that I've also heard a lot about. There are more colours available in that brand but I don't think they're as readily available as the Collection 2000 ones (you can get them in Superdrug and Boots).

Here's what Cotton Candy looks like on...
(Sorry they're not the best pictures)
I have also tried using this as a cream blusher and find it works quite well. I know it can sometimes be a bit iffy using products where they're not supposed to go but I really don't think it matters a lot of the time. As a cream blusher it blends in seamlessly because it has such a smooth texture and gives a really lovely pink flush to the cheeks. I would say it doesn't have the best staying power on the cheeks but if you built it up I reckon it could be a keeper ;)! 

Have you tried any of these lip cream type products? What do you think? Hope you're all having a fantabulous day! 

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