13 March 2012

Worth Your Weight In Gold

Another day, another nail post! I am a bit obsessed with painting my nails recently. I just keep getting really bored after about a day of having a colour on. At least it means I'm getting through a bit more of my nail varnish collection!

Today's look is a matte gold which was achieved by using Topshop's 'Heart of Gold' followed by a matte topcoat by Rimmel. I really like matte nails and think it was a trend that never picked up enough! I think the matte finish works particularly well on metallic nail varnishes as opposed to just a regular type (if you know what I mean), I think it just shows up better and gives a better effect.

Will talk again soon and I'm sure I'll have another nail post coming your way very soon! Have a joyous day!

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