25 March 2012

Weekend Wish List: Urban Outfitters

I am having a love affair with jewellery at the moment so have dedicated this Weekend Wish List to just that. I also am loving the jewellery on offer at Urban Outfitters at the moment and as I was putting together my fave pieces of the moment it was ending up as mostly pieces from there anyway, so I decided to dedicate it entirely to them! I want all of these things really rather a lot. Unfortunately it's not payday for me until NEXT. FRIDAY. so I'm afraid I will just have to be patient...Enjoy!

Hamsa Charm Necklace: £12
Metal Stone Ring: £14
Vivienne Westwood Rose Gold Valentines Necklace: £110 (gulp!)
Heart and Chain Bracelet: £8
Hanging Triangle Earrings: £8

My favourites from this little line up are the ring and the bracelet. I'm really into cute, simple bracelets at the moment and this one would be so easy to wear all the time. It does come in a couple of other colours as well so you could layer them or just wear one on its own. The Vivienne Westwood necklace is really gorgeous (if a bit on the expensive side at this time in my life!). The rose gold colour is bang on trend and would quirk up an outfit instantly. Love it!

Is there anything you are desperately lusting after at the moment? Let me know in the comments! Hope you're having a really fantastic weekend!

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