12 March 2012

Treat Her Like A Lady

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to present you with a few suggestions for cards and presents to treat your Mum to.

I'm not actually going to be with my Mum on the day because I'm going down to London to celebrate a friends' birthday so thought it was even more important to get a really nice present to thank her for being generally amazing. Everything that I've picked out is from http://www.notonthehighstreet.com just because there are some really lovely pieces and you can find some bits and bobs which are a bit different. But obviously there are some fantastic present ideas on the high street too.

First off some cards...
My Mum always says that if you can't afford a present or just haven't had time to get one then just a card is perfectly good enough because it shows that you've at least thought about it a bit! There are some beautiful cards out there and loads that can be personalised on the internet now.

And now for some presents...
Photo Holder from Deborah Sparks:  Sign from Abigail Bryan Designs: Personalised Necklace from Posh Totty Designs Boutique:
Tea Light Holders from Seahorse: Spotty Scarves from Lilac Coast: Personalised Soaps from Jonny's Sister:
Pamper Hamper from Holistic Hampers: Breakfast Hamper from Whisk Hampers: Silver Heart Earring from JoJoJewellery

I love getting my Mum household bits when it comes to getting her presents so the tea-light holders or the photo frame are personal favourites. Something like the Breakfast In Bed Hamper is perfect for this kind of occasion because it's all about treating your Mum and making her feel special and it would be a really nice gesture to get this and prepare it for her. Of course jewellery is always a winner and there are some beautiful, handmade pieces available on the this website, so check it out for something a little bit different.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for what to get your Mum, of course there are thousands of gorgeous things available so just go out there and get something to treat her!

Have a fabulous day and speak soon!

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