4 March 2012

Tom Ford: Violet Blonde recreation

Image from google.com

 I love watching YouTube videos on make-up and beauty and find you can get a lot of tips and tricks about how to recreate some beautiful looks. One of my favourites to watch is Tanya Burr (visit her blog - www.tanyaburr.co.uk), or pixi2woo, and a recent video she has done is on the Tom Ford Violet Blonde campaign (watch the video here). 

I don't normally attempt the looks that any of these YouTube gurus do but I was heading out that night and had just watched the tutorial for this look so thought I'd give it a go. The look was inspired by the Tom Ford 'Violet Blonde' advert featuring Lara Stone, and had a focus on deep, vampy lips and a sheeny, wet-look eye. I adore the look as a whole, and especially love the eye make-up because the sheen added on top of the eye-shadow allows it to crease and look worn-in in a gorgeously sexy way. Not saying that I look at all like that haha, but I was relatively pleased with the results and, having not used a single product the same as Tanya did in her video, I think the effect was remarkably similar. The lip colour is more true to life in the top left hand picture than it is in the bottom right. It was definitely a deep berry colour, not like the more pinky tone that the right hand picture is showing.

The lip products I used were; first the colour 'Cranberry Cream' from a Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick Palette, followed by a Pixi 'Lip Booster' in the colour 'Sindri' (No. 8), to give it a bit more depth and a deeper purple colour. 

You can get an impression of the sheen on the eyelid from the picture at the bottom, I just used a clear lipgloss to do this but did remove a bit of it before going out because I think if I hadn't my eye make-up would have been non-existent by the end of the night. I used the colours 'Sidecar' and 'Hustle' from the Urban Decay Naked Palette (I'm sure you've heard all about it!) and a BM Beauty pigment in 'Her Majesty' to achieve the pinky tone (which isn't really visible in the pictures). 

Apologies for looking a bit strange in the photos, it was dark and the lighting was not good, but I really wanted to get a picture of the look before going out. Hope you enjoyed this post and talk soon. Have a fabulous evening! 

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