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Just wanted to say a quick thank you to my lovely 6 followers! I know it's a drop in the ocean compared to the number of followers that other bloggers have but just having a few makes me feel like this is worthwhile and really makes me very happy! I've only had my blog for a couple of weeks now but have loved every single second of it and I hope you have too!

I would love it if you could pass on my blog to others and spread the word, I would be so grateful for any help at all :) I have discovered so many incredible new blogs since starting mine and just love turning on my laptop and finding new posts about lovely things by people who care about and are enthusiastic about the same things I love.

I've got lots more exciting posts coming along including a March GlossyBox review, more book reviews for my new year's resolution and many more fashion and beauty trends and inspriations!

Have a gorgeous day, thanks again and speak soon!

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