6 March 2012

Orange Sunset

Howdy folks!

I have just had my first attempt at ombre nails. At first I thought it was going horribly, horribly wrong and I was going to give up but after a little while, and about ten coats of nail varnish which won't be dry until next week, I think I have something that vaguely resembles this hot nail trend.

I used a white Sally Hansen varnish as the base and then another Sally Hansen varnish in 'Kook-A-Mango' (No 560) for the orange tips. I also used a glitter topcoat from Revlon in 'Belle' (mainly to disguise the slightly dodgy colour change). Ideally I would have used something like a foundation sponge to apply the orange, however, I didn't have any so used a cotton pad, which I surprisingly found left little fibres all over my nails! Never mind. A quick coat of the topcoat and it's barely visible! 
Without Glitter Topcoat
Not too bad for a first attempt but definitely room for improvement! If you have any hints or tips for perfecting the ombre I would love to know! Have a joyful day everyone! 

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