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NYR: Book 6

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After reading The Hunger Games I embarked on a hunt for something in a similar vein because I just enjoyed it so much and, really, wasn't quite ready to let it go. I saw a recommendation of the 'Shiver' Trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater, so thought I would give them a go for the next books in my New Year's Resolution.

Again they are in the teen fiction kind of area (something I don't like to admit. It just feels wrong!) and I think you can definitely tell with the one I'm reading at the moment. I'm about a quarter of the way through and, whilst The Hunger Games wasn't particularly high-brow or a complicated literary feat, I felt like those books had a bit more character depth and a stronger story line. 

The story in this first book basically focuses on a mysterious wolf pack and a girl called Grace who has a fascination with them (a bit Twilight-y for my liking). At the moment not a great deal has happened and, even though I might be completely wrong, I think it's pretty easy to see where the story is going. Having said that, I am enjoying reading it but I'm not completely hooked and can't really be bothered to read the next two, but that might change and I will let you know. Obviously I'm not the target audience for these books, so you might have to take the review with a pinch of salt, but I had heard good things around the internet from people older than me, so maybe it's just not my type of story!

If you've got any recommendations of good books that I could read I would love to know. I've heard some good reviews of the Uglies books (a quartet I'm led to believe) but again it's the teen fiction section and I should probably read something a bit more resepectable! I will do a short review after I actually finish the book, but just thought I'd give you my thoughts on it so far.

Have an amazing day and speak soon!

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