29 March 2012

No 17 Lipstick Review - Beehive

Hi there! I hope you're all having a great day so far. 

I am trying not to spend money at the moment (doesn't everyone say that?) BUT didn't actually spend a penny (not literally, anyway) because I got this lipstick with my Boots points! I have heard a lot about this one in particular from The Persian Babe, or Barbara, on YouTube and thought I'd give it a go because it seems I am incapable of going anywhere near shops without picking something up.

First of all, whilst the packaging is a bit in-your-face, I actually don't completely hate it. It's really easy to find in the bottom of your bag and makes a bit of a change. The formula of this lipstick is really lovely, it glides on to the lips and feels really moisturising and light, which is always a bonus. The colour is a very pale pinky nude, which doesn't have a great amount of pigmentation in, however it does make it a very wearable, everyday colour. As I mentioned in my Brilliant Beauty Products post (read here) I often reach for the Blistex Lip Brilliance for a slight bit of colour and moisturisation and, whilst I don't think the No. 17 lipstick will give as much moisture, it very well may be my new go-to product for when I want to perk up my lips but not really have to think about it. I'll keep you posted! 
Left - No. 17 Right - Estee Lauder

Also, as a rather large bonus, I would say it is very comparable to Estee Lauder's Crystal Baby, if a little more glossy and not as opaque in colour. Compared to the price tag of £18 for that one, £4.59 seems like a pretty good deal to me. The packaging of the Estee Lauder one is a million times nicer and you don't get quite the same feeling pulling the No.17 one out of your bag as you do with the other, but it's nice to know there is a similar one out there if you can't quite relax the purse-strings too far. 

I haven't tried any of the other colours in the range yet, but I have heard that not all the formulas are as good as this one so I am a bit wary. Has anyone tried any of these lipsticks before? What did you think of them?

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