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I was just going through my daily blog list and came across this lovely post from Daisy at PrettyGreenTea. It really made me think and re-inspired me to make sure I make the most out of every day. It can be so easy to slip into old, familiar routines and soon enough you become aware of the days and weeks merging into one, so every now and again it's nice to be reminded to take a moment and think about ways to make the most out of your days. Even trying to make the smallest changes to include something you love doing into your daily routine can make a big difference and make you so much happier. It's actually partly why I started up this blog, because it feels like I'm doing something worthwhile and creative. Since finishing uni last year it has been a bit difficult to feel settled and I haven't yet decided what it is I really want to do, so this little outlet has really helped and I feel much more relaxed and happy. 

I wasn't actually planning on doing this post but it's always nice when you write an impromptu piece after feeling inspired by another blogger :)

Thanks for reading and go out there and be inspired!

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