7 March 2012

Cinematic Experiences

Hey folks I hope your day is going swimmingly!

Just thought I'd tell you about a few of the films I've been to see recently. I seem to have gone to the cinema a lot over the past few weeks, which isn't good for the bank balance but I really enjoy seeing films on the big screen so never mind!

Yesterday I went to see 'This Means War', a romantic comedy featuring Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy (serious swoon, Tom Hardy is delightful to look at!). I enjoyed it and it was reasonably funny, however, it wouldn't be a film I'd rush to see again and I would definitely advise waiting for it to come out on DVD rather than forking out to see it in the cinema. The story was pretty predictable and it started out extremely cheesy, but as it went along it did get better. Overall an easy watch and good if you're in the mood for something to fill some time. 

A couple of weeks ago I saw 'The Vow', which was more on the romantic drama side, not as much comedy as the previous film. It features Rachel McAdams (girl crush, anyone?) and Channing Tatum trying to piece their lives back together after a car accident in which Paige (McAdams) loses her memory. I thought the parts were performed really quite well and Channing really made you empathise with the character. I would recommend going to see it if it's still on at a cinema near you, otherwise take a look at the DVD when it comes out. It's a nice, heart-warming story (but not in a pass-the-sick-bucket way) and was an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

I also went to see 'Young Adult' not too long ago, a drama (although from the advert I thought it was going to be a comedy) starring Charlize Theron as a newly-divorced woman, still clinging on to the clich├ęs and the stereotypes from high school and trying to win back her (now married) First Love. I was expecting this to be funny, but it was one of those films where all the funny bits were in the trailer. However, I did actually really enjoy this film. It was really engaging and although not a great deal actually happened, it definitely kept me watching and I didn't feel as if I was drifting off at any point. Again, I thought the part was well acted and I thought it was well written, although I'm not really an expert on that sort of thing.

My favourite of these three was Young Adult and I would definitely give it a watch if you come across it. Let me know if you've seen any of these and what you thought of them! Have a great day!

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