23 March 2012

Friday Fashion: The Bag Lady

Hi there lovely readers!

This is a post about handbags of all shapes and sizes! Now I would say that, in general, I'm more of a clothes girl than a bags or shoes girl. I do love bags and I especially love getting a new one, but it would never be something that's at the top of my list and I hate to admit that I'm the sort of person who just uses the same bag everyday for months on end. I tend to like to go for bags on the more expensive side rather than buying loads of cheaper bags but then whenever I'm watching or reading a haul on a fashion blogger's channel or page I always love the fact that you can get designer inspired bags at a much lower cost from the high-street. With this in mind, I have been doing a little look around what's available at the moment and wanted to share my findings!

£30 @Next
The dark blue/teal colour of this bag from Next is fabulous. I have one by Ted Baker which is a similar shape and finish which I have used to death so I know I would get a lot of wear out of this. It would go with loads of different outfits and adds a bit of glamour with the patent finish.

£30 @Topshop
How lovely is this clutch from Topshop? I love the colour and the scallop-edge detail. I am in desperate need of a new clutch for nights out and get really sick of boring black, so this dark pink colour seems like a good option. Obviously it might be more tricky to pair with an outfit but, hey, we're all about colour blocking, right? It also comes with a strap which can be whipped out if you get bored of carrying it or, like me, you get bored of picking it up off the floor after dropping it on the dance floor!

£75 @Next
This brown leather bag, also from Next, is simply gorgeous. It is a timeless piece that would see you through season after season. The simple shape and classic brown of the leather means that it would go with almost everything in your wardrobe. It's also really practical not only because of its' size but also because of the two handle options meaning you can wear it over your shoulder or on your arm. An investment piece that's sure to get better over time.

£48 @Urban Outfitters
Ahhh I love this bag from Urban Outfitters so much. The colour, the shape, the size, the fabric. It is just amazing. Only £48 for a suede bag which looks this good - I must be dreaming! Need. It.

£79.99 @Zara
A lovely small across body bag from Zara. It has an ethnic inspired pattern with a long strap which makes it perfect for day-wear when you don't need to take too much stuff with you. The neutral colour means it will go with loads of things and, bonus, you won't get one-shoulder-ache from lugging around half your life with you (does everyone's handbag end up with a really quite alarming amount of junk in it after a certain amount of time? Receipts? Food wrappers? Hair ties/bobby pins?). Lovely.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have a huge collection of bags or just a few that you rotate? What sort of bags do you like? Speak soon!

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