14 March 2012

Bad Hair Year

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Lately (well, over the past year or so) my hair has been getting in increasingly bad condition and has started going really thin at the ends. I used to be able to grow my hair long (which is how I pretty much always have it) and it would stay nice and thick all the way down, but nowadays it gets much thinner towards the ends and looks unhealthy and split. I do try to keep my hair in good condition but, thinking about it, I probably haven't done as much as I could to help it. I don't go for regular trims (and haven't done since I first started uni, which is 4 years this year) and I have gotten out of the habit of using heat protector on it when I blow dry, straighten or curl it (which is pretty much everyday). So really I haven't been careful at all about treating it well.

So, leading on from a discussion with one of my friends from work, I have decided to embark upon a little experiment to see whether I can improve the condition of my hair because it has been on my mind quite a lot recently.

The experiment is basically going to involve using no heat on my hair for *gulps* FOUR. WEEKS. I don't know why four weeks, there's no scientific reasoning behind it, but I figure that would probably be enough time to see some sort of improvement. As well as this, I have started taking those pills for healthy hair, skin and nails and hoping they will help to make a difference too (anyone else use these and know if they work?). Also, I'm going to buy some new hair care products that claim to restore or repair hair (I may pick up the John Frieda Repair line tomorrow. (And, who knew there was a mascara in the range?!) and use a mask on my hair at least once a week.
and again...
I really hope this works because my hair just seems to have stopped growing, whereas it used to grow at a pretty fast pace, and it just looks and feels unhealthy to me. I don't know the last time I didn't use a hair dryer and my straighteners to style my hair of a morning but, trust me, it was a long time ago. I'm going to try really hard to stick to it but I'm wondering if an important night out or dinner crops up, whether or not I'll have enough will power to just go out with my natural hair (which, by the way, is pretty straight, just with the odd tendency to go fluffy).

I will keep you updated, probably on a weekly basis to let you know how I'm doing and whether or not I feel like any improvements are being made and if the products are doing what they claim to.

In the meantime, do any of you lovely ladies know of any good repairing or restorative hair treatments that might get my hair back into tip-top shape? I would be really grateful if you do. Thank you  for reading and have a lovely day!

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